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Entry #003 [Audio] [Day 3]

[There's that familiar sound of groaning walkers in the background as Turing starts talking. Their tone sounds very rushed and stressed out, unsurprisingly considering the situation.]

I'm going to keep this brief because, well, I assume we're all in a tight spot at this point. However, I feel that I may be of assistance to some of you. Being a non-organic being, it seems that these...zombies have no interest in me whatsoever. Still, I can't just sit here doing nothing if anybody needs any assistance!

If you need me to help out in any way possible - say for instance, you need me to retrieve an item that's surrounded by these zombies, if you need me to protect you in any way you can, say where you are and I'll rush over there as soon as I can.

I have taken Ms. Michonne's advice in her video a couple of days ago and retrieved a weapon from the closet, but...well, my first instinct was to get a gun considering I've had some experience at the Citadel and - AUGH, I'm rambling again! The point is, I have a weapon, a sword, and while I don't have much experience with it, I can and will take out any zombies that are in our way!

Send me a message however you can if you need me to do anything! Protection, retrieval, backup, anything!
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[It's a video full of zombies. Zombies that are ignoring the jittery, quickly panning camera on the floor, but zombies nonetheless.]

[It should be obvious who this is when he speaks.]

H-Hey, Turing? Would you mind getting me out of here...? PLEASE? I can't move, they're everywhere!

[Duh, and duh.]
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Uh... Well, I've been stuck in this house for... What? Three days? Legs would have been useful. But anyway, I've been just here. Sitting on the porch. Not able to do much. And then all these zombies started lumbering about everywhere! I mean, look at them!

[That's why he's using video for once.]

Why, there must be millions of them. THOUSANDS OF MILLIONS!
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[Man, she wishes she'd known this information before the hoard started coming in.]

They don't-- they don't go a-after robots??
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... I really wish Wonderland, uhm, g-gave me a few days prep time.


Still, uhm, p-please be careful! They could still hurt you, or you could get caught up in someone trying to hurt them.
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I don't know if the, uhm, what the r-residents do count as telling.

[Since very, very rarely can she make sense of any of it.]

But, uh, it's... it's fine! I guess! I've just been t-trying to move around, but uhm, I don't think they can climb very well, so I'm thinking about maybe just climbing a tree and h-hanging out for a while.
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Well, I mean, it can't be too long, right?? Maybe I'll just, uh. P-Put a hammock up there or something.

[Just chill up there and have an anxiety attack until they're all dead. The Alphys Way of dealing with problems.]

But I do appreciate it. You saying that, I m-mean.
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Well, uh, most events don't go longer than five or s-so days. Though, uh, it can be kind of hard to tell with ones where our memories get messed with, since it just feels like f-forever. But, uh, I think the point of the hammock would just be to sleep forever until everything is done and I can. F-Forget this ever happened.

[She would like to go home right now immediately thanks.]
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( audio )

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Do you believe that the lack of interest would extend to other ( slight pause ) "non-organic beings".