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[Stan Pines is a very busy and now very wealthy man, so really he should be at the point where he's given up doing the legwork for a business like this. But why would he ever give up the chance to mess with people? So he pitches in ten-minute no effort articles here and there:]

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Grunkle Stan, do you think maybe I could write my own headlines next article?

[Dipper is looking at his most recent article, which he's very proud of but is... absolutely not what the headline promises. Besides Bigfoot being a thing.]

This feels misleading.
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I want to be a Newsie. That means doing the opposite of lying on the internet.

[Of course, his version of the truth involves Bigfoot, but that's okay cause Bigfoot is real.]
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[Dipper is pretty sure it was never funny.]

Yes, and then a zombie would eat me, and Mabel would be sad.

[He thinks Stan would be sad too, but sometimes it's hard to tell.]

But hey, you'd get a great article out of it.
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nice rendition of a fiji mermaid tho, classic
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it's awesome and is totally authentic especially considering the fiji mermaid was absolutely not authentic!!!!!! so good job!
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you can have it i'm sure as hell not gonna use it anywhere
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knock yourself out you delightful old fart!!
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[Mabel is carrying a tablet into Stan's "makeshift office, monitoring numbers she barely understands. She's so good at business.] The clicks keep coming, Grunkle Stan. Who would've thought a political convention would have so many bored bystanders?
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Oooh. Scandals. [Mabel would normally be against hurting anyone's feelings, but these are politicians and she doesn't think in terms of actual scandals that would cause irreparable damage.] We should make up one. How about "Here's Fifteen Ways Lucifer Morningstar Isn't As Dreamy As He Appears."

We could doctor photographs to show him picking his nose in public.
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[She giggles as he ruffles her hair.] I can't help it that I'm naturally gifted in ways that most people can only envy. Fortunately, I only use this power for good.

[Because this is... definitely good. It's not like anyone is genuinely being hurt! Just deeply embarrassed. And potentially horrified that people have the kind of time and energy to doctor that many photos.]
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Soooo you're having just as much trouble making politics interesting as I am, huh boss?