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➶ ninth ( video )

[ If Robyn has thoughts about their recent trip to a bizarre other universe, those thoughts aren't made clear. ... What is clear, though, is that something is bothering her, though she won't disclose that information, either... save for a few people. ]

Good morning. [ Just another day in Wonderland, though there is decidedly something missing. ] ... I realize that just a few weeks from today will mark my having been here for two years. It's a little premature, and I don't think it warrants... much acknowledgment, or - Maker, celebration - [ Her relationship with Wonderland is "It's Complicated," okay? ] But it did make me think of what I had wanted to accomplish here. Or, rather, how I wanted to spend my time.

[ There's a little sigh and the Warden tucks a loose braid behind her ear. ]

I took up some practice with a longbow and sword, but I think my tutors have gone. [ She's out of practice, anyway. ] It makes me think, though, that there are other things that I could learn with the time that I have. I wanted to take up an instrument, if anyone is willing to share what they know with a new student.

[ Robyn offers a fleeting smile and tries very hard to sustain it. ]

I can offer a bit of my own knowledge in return. ... Oh, and, I wanted to get back into the habit of riding, so if there are any others who might like to take the horses out every once in a while, please do get in touch.

[ With that (and with something like a discontented expression), she ends the call. Soon after, Robyn sends out a few private messages: ]

[ private to anders, cullen, hawke, and nathaniel: ]

Leliana has gone, I think. If any of you see her, then I hope you'll correct me.
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I can teach you the violin, if you'd like.

[Minato's skills at it were okay, not too terrible, in his opinion. And she had commented before that she liked the last song he had played over the network. Maybe she would like to give it a try for herself, too?]
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[Minato shook his head.]

It's my pleasure. We can start whenever you like.
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For you, any time.

[Minato had no problem with helping her whenever she needed it, and he hadn't expected anything in return from her.]

The music room should have violins, or I can get one from the closets for you?
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It's no trouble. I can meet you there too when you're ready.

[He could get a violin for her without any trouble. The closets couldn't really go wrong with musical instruments since violin was really specific.]
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[Minato shook his head and thought her timing was perfect.]

I'm free. I'm looking forward to it.

[He promises to have a violin, bow, rosin, and a case for her waiting for her at the Music Room too. Thanks, closets! He'd be there practicing a bit too after having gathered some sheet music for the lesson.]
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I can play the piano. I've never taught anyone how, but I'd be willing to try helping you learn.

[ She doesn't even remember learning because that part of her memory is gone, but she still knows how. ]
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I don't mind at all. Did you have a time in mind for when you wanted to meet in the music room?

[ If they can even find it. She's heard it changes. ]
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What if we meet just to get to know each other first? We could go to the coffee shop, or the diner today, then decide on learning the piano later.

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I'm definitely free around two. We can meet at the coffee shop around then?

[ She has a tattoo session that should wrap up around then which would give her time to go back to the apartment first and see Kurt before going back out. ]
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I'm not sure how I'd do at teaching you to play anything, but I can teach you to read music, if you want.

[He plays the trumpet, and he'd be happy to teach her how to, but he doesn't want to put a limit on things.]
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Absolutely. It's not difficult, so I think it won't take you long to pick it up. We can start whenever you like.
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I think so. There's a lot of music in there and we can use the piano to learn the notes.
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Any time is good. We can even start now, if you want.
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Sure. I can meet you in the music room?
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private; video

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I.. haven't seen her, Robyn.

[He doesn't generally see her, but he's been keeping an extra eye out for the past hour or so and hasn't seen any sign of her.]

Are her things missing?
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[Then, there's no need to ask anything further.]

... I'm sorry.