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[video] politics: poly-ticks: multiple small, blood-sucking insects that carry disease

[He woke up and--]

[Man, he hates those kinds of events. They're the worst. Worse than a regular old zombie invasion, worse than demonic creatures in tunnels, worse than anything the Mirrors can throw. Most events are just horrible, but some of them change you, and it's the worst thing. Waking up afterward is horrendous. You wake up unsure of where and who you are, and as the memories start to kind of wisp off, acquiring that post-mindfuck dreamlike quality, you start questioning if you're losing your real self or a fake self crafted by Wonderland.]

[It takes a few days for the mental turmoil to die down.]

[So naturally, while Sans is waiting for that to happen, he's going to pretend like absolutely nothing is wrong.]

[A few hours later, he's broadcasting from his hotdog stand. His regular old illegal hotdog stand where he sells real hotdogs and also water sausages posing as hotdogs, where nobody really gives a shit about food safety (not that it's unsafe, mind you). He's a regular old skeleton with his regular old pet cat selling regular old shitty street food in the middle of regular old Wonderland.]

[He opens the feed without any sort of preamble, as if he was already mid-conversation.]

anyway, i still don't actually know what a republican is.

hotdogs are back in business, obviously.

[He gestures at the top of his stand, where a sign just says "'dogs, 30g". He then gives an expansive shrug and grins wryly.]

what is the deal with politics, though?
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As I recall, we did not really have a great deal of politics in the Underground. No strict systems or rules, for the most part.

I think things were much simpler that way!
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We just sort of let people do their own thing for the most part. I do not believe there were mayors, or elections, or anything! Which is indeed, much more relaxing and conducive to actual parties, as I am sure you are aware.

[Sometimes, a skeleton will tell a fish lady about something. That's about as far as it went, past the royalty.]

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[You think you have it bad?]

[Zack actually spent the first few hours after the event wondering what the hell just happened. Not only did he completely forget about the fact Ray is freaking gone, but he actually dressed up to go to some political thing because someone hired him to be a regular old hitman. In disguise as a security person, probably. And there were zombies somewhere in the distance. And nobody grabbed a gun.]

[Just when he got over it, a freaking skeleton that sounds like some sick guy he met gets on the network and films his freaking hotdog stand.]

[So congrats, Sans. You get a creepy human in bandages recording from what looks like a messy upcycled warehouse bedroom, staring blankly at the camera.]

... Are you dead?
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[How was he supposed to forget that ever happened? He's new here.]

Then why are you a talking skeleton?


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Me neither, sir.

[That sure is a fact of the world. The nice masked man who ran the hot dog stand is normally a nice skeleton who runs a hot dog stand. Sans. Angus sure went to great lengths to find him when they only met once. He'd like to think he was still a detective at heart, in the end.

He hasn't been feeling well after the event either, but there's a small smile on his face as he replies.

That was my first hot dog ever, too.
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Um, I don't know much about republics, but I don't think they have that much to do with... Oh! It was a joke! Um! Good joke, sir! A real, a real 10 out of 10!

[Sans wasn't asking for you to rate it, Angus. It probably would've helped if you laughed, too. Though, as it stands, Angus is mostly just embarrassed he didn't get it right away.]

Yes, sir! Angus McDonald! And you're Sans? You look pretty different. Th-That's okay, though! Um, you look fine either way!

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You're better off not contemplating politicians or their ideologies. No matter the party, they're all piles of undeserved ego dressed in fancy suits.

Question: What monetary system are you using? I can't place what the "g" stands for. Is it gold? And if so, what standard of measurement? Gold bars? Specifically-measured coins?

...I think if I was hungry enough, even a water sausage would taste good.

[hey sans did you miss him]
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I don't know what that stuff is, either. I mean, we used to have it around, but now the military is kinda-sorta in charge.

[ Not really, though. ]

Soooo... yeah. No personal experience with politics.
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Same here. I mean, I didn't try the jello, but I was more wandering around than anything.

[ She kind of regrets not getting jello, though. ]

Why'd you mention hotdogs?


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There's substantial evidence that most if not all Republicans are lizard people.

[Is he joking?? He doesn't look like he's joking.]
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No, secret lizard people. Trying to pass themselves off as humans for nefarious purposes.


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[Wait, does Sans really not know what a Republican is? Well, Turing's here to help him out! Turing's expression looks a lot more...robotic than usual, and their tone matches it to boot.]

Republican: Can be used as a noun or an adjective.
1. Having the supreme power lying in the body of citizens entitled to vote for officers and representatives responsible to them or characteristic of such government.
2. Relating to or belonging to the Republican Party.

First known used in print in the year 1646.

[...they're helping.]
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Hmm... I'm unsure about what the Republican Party in the event that we just went through does, but it seems similar to the political parties in my world.

[Oh god they're getting into lecture mode, godspeed Sans.]
In my world, political parties shape the nation, sometimes by working together and other times challenging the other party's stances on various issues, such as education and genetic modification. The two parties, the Democratic and Republican parties, share differing views and are the prime parties for presidential elections. The system is additionally set up in different systems: the president, the legislation, and the judiciary system, each with a split of Democratic and Republican representatives, with its own checks and balances to ensure that one system doesn't reign supreme over the others.

Long story short, these parties are put into place to discuss and place new laws as the nation sees fit.

Edited (((I had to reschool myself on Schoolhouse Rock to make sure I got my information correct, why are you discussing the political system right now, Turing))) 2017-08-14 19:54 (UTC)


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[ Welp, this isn't how she'd planned to use her college education. Although at least it's in the right science field and not the one that had consumed her life for three years and then some. ]

Alright, do you want the textbook answer or the truth about politics?
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Cool. Well, the truth is both sides are pretty dumb. Typically people considered Democratic are interested in taxing people that make a lot of money, usually support a lot more government control, tend to support LGBT rights and women's rights, and their mascot is a donkey. Republicans don't usually like taxing the rich, believe that states should have more control over legislating rather than big government off in La la Washington DC land, support the idea of-- [ cue the big air quotes ] --"traditional marriage", and their mascot is an elephant.

But, both parties can usually be bought out for large sums of money and just because someone is aligned with one side doesn't mean anything. People are inherently dumb when politics gets involved. [ One of the reasons she'd taken an astrophysics internship instead of something in her actual field. ] I majored in Political Science and there are days even I don't get some of the stunts people pull.
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Are all your hot dogs made of food?

Text but not for much longer

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To action!

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