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[ It's been a weird few months in Wonderland, and this last event was disconcerting in the way that it robbed them all of their real identities for a little while. That world was all they knew, and she hated that loss of control, of having her memories completely twisted without her consent. Patterson wishes they would never have to go through that again, but knows that probably won't be the last of it.

Which just makes her even more determined to do what she wants, something she has some semblance of control over. She wants to know more people here, and she wants them all to make their own fun, even if that's a fleeting thing. Even if their captors never give a damn, Patterson will never give them the satisfaction of being visibly frustrated or upset by the circumstances of this place.

So she starts the video feed with a smile and a little wave. ]

Hey, everyone out there. Some of you know me, but just in case: I'm Patterson. Been here a few months now. It' adventure, right?

Anyway, I was thinking about ways to kind of make this place feel even just slightly more normal. Something we can control. Okay, so back home, I collect board games. Like, a lot. [ Enough that she has them organized alphabetically by board game creator. ] We should do a monthly game night. Or weekly? And maybe sometimes we could even come up with a murder mystery game. Like a dinner theater type thing. Would anyone out there even care? I wanna find an empty room, decorate it, and we could do this there. Maybe even watch movies afterwards, eat lots of junk food.

Who's up for it?
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[ Well, this pings some things on Liv's list. She misses her friends and random movie marathons with popcorn. before zombie-dom took over her entire life, there were so many plans, things she wanted to do with Peyton, and a game night definitely could have been one of them. So, she waves back, smiling. ]

Hey. I'm Liv. And this sounds like a really cool idea. Board games and movies, junk food. What's not to love?
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[ Liv smiles; and yes, if her life allowed for her to be a homebody she totally would be. Mostly because of the zombie-ism know. Home is nice. Home is where your bed is. ]

Likewise. And...I recently got into D&D back home. But my ex and his roommate got me into a lot of Playstation; Call of Duty mostly. But I like classic board games, mostly. Oh, Cards Against Humanity is a good one. Apples to Apples. Even better when you incorporate alcohol.
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Oh, I think you can definitely get a gaming console here. The youth center has a full on arcade.

[ So what if she's not a youth? She's tiny like one. She just wanted to check it out. ]

But traditional board games are great, too. I always loved Clue. Oh, and games that aren't quite board games, but still. Pictionary is always good, and especially in this place. Imagine someone who doesn't have...I don't know, horses in their world and they've only seen them in pictures here, but now they have to draw one.
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[ Liv smiles a little at the 'good taste' comment. ]

My brain keeps wanting me to suggest Monopoly but I'm pretty sure you'd rather keep the peace at your party. What about really classic games like 'Sorry?' I bet you could make something like Candyland into a fun drinking game for adults. Take a shot anytime someone draws a certain card.
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What kind of board games?

[Minato wasn't the type to be into those as much, so he was curious as to if she had managed to collect any here in the meantime.]
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[Whoa, American board games. The only ones Minato really knew where the last two, but those seemed a little more universal.]

I think it'd be fun to learn how to play all the ones I don't know. If you don't mind teaching.

[It'd be a good way to get to know other people too.]
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[He got pinged at that since he didn't know many Janes here, so he took a guess.]

Do you mean Jane Doe?

[Or Weller, now, in this case. The worlds get smaller and smaller, if so.]
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I got a couple of tattoos from her. She's nice, like you are.

[He was lucky to know most people from their world. They really were so nice.]
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Make it a big room with a few exits and you'll get more people to show up.

[Like himself. He wouldn't mind a movie, though he'd probably skip out on a murder mystery game.]
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Yeah, exactly. Doesn't have to be quite like a movie theater, but lots of space.
Could probably bring someone with me if you do decide to do this.
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You got Scrabble or Monopoly? Haven't seen very many movies, so I'll trust your judgement there.
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Need any help setting up?
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What kind of theme were you considering?
Don't say vintage, anything but that.
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Hi Patterson! Is that your first name or last name? ^_^

I'm Max. Id be up for some of that! Depends on the boardgame I guess.
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[[Oooh snap I didn't know that!]]

Oh man where to start!

i havent actually played much but ive seen a ton of vids online.. stuff like small world, betrayal at the house on the hill, dead of winter...

Kinda your average modern boardgame?
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[video forever]

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Are you suggesting pretend murder? Because it seems like we get like. Plenty of the normal kind, here.
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[ Sorry, Patterson. Ellie has completely forgotten whatever you were talking about, because: ]

Why the fuck do you look and sound just like me?

[ Except, you know. For the blonde. ]
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Where are you?

[ She's gotta see this clone for herself, okay. ]
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Question: Does this murder mystery game involve period costumes?