Jan. 2nd, 2017

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[ Forward-dated just a tad towards a more reasonable morning hour and all. It's fair to say Morty sounds nervous when he starts speaking, though he's not hitting panic territory. All things considered, this could probably be way worse? At the very least, he seems to be trying to be friendly. ]

Uhh, hey, so-- I'm Morty. First of all. I was wondering if anyone could tell me the fastest way to get back to Earth. Maybe even out of this whole crazy dimension. I-it's nice here and all, and I wasn't exactly in the middle of anything or anything, but I probably... I probably have school tomorrow. I dunno. It's kinda weird, I was just standing there with my family, and now they're not even around.

[ He hesitates. ]

If this is still Earth after all, I- I guess just knowing where I am would be good. Like a good start to get home again. I'm not trying to get involved in any big stuff right now, you know? I'm just, I'm just lookin' to figure this-- sit down and figure this whole thing out.


[ Or for those so inclined, Morty can be easily found trying to navigate the halls of the mansion. If it's before he gets acquainted enough with the place to find a new set of clothes, he'll be sporting a gentleman's rumpled tuxedo look. Considering he's soaked from the waist down, it might be easier to hear his squishy-socked approach first.

Sometimes in this life, you blink and you're standing in a swimming pool. Apparently. ]
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[Canny viewers might recognize the room Spike's sitting in as the office of Angel's Investigation. Spike is, in fact, sitting on a desk, boots banging against the side as he smirks into the cameras.]

Hey, mates. Thought I ought to let you know that Angel's Investigation is under new management. [He jabs a thumb towards himself.] Sure, Angel's all right as a leader, but some people want a bit more brains and a bit less forehead, know what I mean?

[Has anyone agreed to this change in staff? No. Does anyone from Angel's team even know he's here, in Wonderland? Absolutely not. Is that going to stop Spike? Not for a second. It'll make Angel mad, and that's hilarious.]

So come on over for all your mystery solving needs. We take beer and smokes as payment. One thing's sure: with me in charge it'll be a lot more fun getting your mysteries solved. Cheers!

[He salutes and disconnects.]
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Baby it's cold outside (Action for Leonard Snart) )

[Well. Now that Rip has had an introduction provided by Mr. Snart paired with the opportunity to change into dry clothes, he decides to get straight to business. Never mind that he's been assured that time does not move within this realm, that somehow this fictional-based fantasy world is even more separated from time than the Vanishing Point. Despite that safety net (which he has not yet bought into, for the record), Rip possesses no desire to linger within these walls. Luckily the outdated technology provided for communication is simple enough to figure out. He turns on the video feed, making little attempt to put on a pleasant face—but he does have a British accent, so his voice sounds nice?]

Yes, hello there. My name is Rip Hunter, a just newly arrived prisoner of this—this sadly real version of seventies-era drug-induced hallucination.

[He might be a little frustrated here.]

I've been given an overview the way this dimension functions from one of my comrades here, most relevantly the supposed fact that escape is impossible. I would like to confirm this with the population at large.

[More to the point, he wants to know who is working to defy that rule. Raymond can't have been the only scientific mind brought to this world. Whatever efforts are being made, Rip wants in. He simply won’t say as much over the network, in case it is being monitored. Just as he remains certain that someone is trying to escape, he is equally sure someone is responsible for their imprisonment, even if their identity remains yet unknown.

Of course, wisdom dictates he be prepared for anything, and he pauses but a moment before continuing.]

I suppose I should also ask about some of the other things I’ve been told. While I have no reason to disbelieve those present from my own universe [liars and thieves though two of them may be], some of the things they described go well beyond the limits of what should be possible—and trust me when I say that given my own background, that is a definite point of concern.

Has there been any data collected on these so-called “events?” Any success in discovering how this world and the people within it are altered, seemingly at random?

[Anything at all that might show a successful resistance to all Rip has been told—ah, but he stops himself before that much spills out. Probably better not to piss off the general population on his first broadcast. He’s already got a disgruntled crew to manage, after all.]

That should suffice for now. Thank you all, for both your time and your cooperation.

[Now please, give Rip the answers he wants to hear.

With that done, Rip makes a few adjustments to the broadcast settings. The feed has ended for the population at large, but two particular residents get their own special message.]

With those holiday greetings and gay happy meetings (Video for Ray Palmer and Mick Rory) )

[With that, he ends the transmission, though his wait won't be idle. He has a sprawling landscape to explore now that he's no longer soaked from his earlier arrival. If he is to be stuck there for the duration, Rip intends to know all he can about this prison--which means in turn, he can be found almost anywhere over the course of the next few days.]
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[Kiyotaka Ishimaru's sudden change of scenery was a surprise, to say the least. He went from being trapped in a school and forced to participate in a class trial, to suddenly being somewhere in the outside world again. Specifically, he's ended up perched on the branch of an orchard tree. After spending a few moments shocked over this sudden turn of events, he proceeds to wrack his brain wondering how and why this could have happened. What happened to the trial - did they figure out the killer? Are Bro and the rest of the class outside and alright, too?

He does find one potential clue on him: a small device that he's never seen before. Looking it over, it looks like some strange communication device! After fiddling with it for a moment, he manages to activate it. He stares intensely at the screen for a moment before he finally starts speaking.]

Hello!! Is this thing truly working? How incredible! Anyway... my name is Kiyotaka Ishimaru! I am a hardworking young student who believes in bold simplicity! I also bear the talent of being the Super High School Level Public Morals Committee Member! It is a pleasure to meet your acquaintance! ...Er, the acquaintance of whoever may receive this message, of course!

[He stands as rigid and formally as ever atop the tree branch as he shouts into the device.]

Please bear with me, as there are a few things that I wish to ask about! First of all, can anyone tell me where I am right now? I do not recognize this area at all! Secondly, if any of my classmates can hear me, I would like you to speak up now! We must have accomplished something incredible... or even if anyone knows where I can find my classmates, I would greatly appreciate it!

...I believe that is all that is on my mind currently! Thank you for your time. I intend to do my best to figure out this situation!

[Action-wise, you can come across him in the tree or just find him later when he's exploring the mansion!]


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