Jan. 9th, 2017

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[Tim clears his throat awkwardly and pushes his glasses up his nose. He smiles for the camera, but it doesn’t actually make him look any less uncomfortable.]

Uh. Hi, everyone. I have to admit, when I woke up this morning, I definitely didn’t expect to be anyplace like this. I mean, Wonderland? It’s kind of hard to believe it’s real, you know?

[He pauses and then laughs a little awkwardly.]

Uh. Well. Obviously you do know. Since you’re all here, and I doubt very many of you came from Carroll’s storybook.

Anyway, hi. I’m Tim Drake--from Gotham, if that means anything to anyone. I… hope it will be nice to meet you.

[He says like he hasn't been reading as much as possible about everyone on his phone-computer thing before actually announcing himself to the network.]
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[Was anyone in wonderland trying to sleep? It's really late at night when a sudden surprised yelp is heard from the device.

So many questions were running through her mind. Where was she? and Why did she wake up on a random beach? The last thing she remembered was being trapped at Hope's Peak and forced to participate in a killing game. It took her by surprise to suddenly be outside when she remembered not being able to see the outside world. Were they somehow able to escape and she couldn't remember? But if that was the case, then where was the rest of her class?

For some reason, she got this strange feeling that she was not in Japan anymore.

With sand in her hair and shoes, she slowly stands up and starts examining her surroundings. Once again, apologies to anyone that was sleeping. Sayaka continues to yell for any sort of sign of life.]
Hello! Is anyone out there? [As Sayaka was pacing back and forth, her foot brushes up against what looks like a little... palm pilot? She curiously picks it up, wiping away the sand, along with shooing away a tiny crab that made a temporary home on the device. At first she pokes it and starts turning it around in several different directions. When she finally realizes that it's been on, the sand covered girl looks startled and also impressed by the device at the same time.]

Um... hello?

[There's a slight pause before she speaks up.]

If anyone happens to hear this message, my name is Sayaka Maizono and I'm a student at Hope's Peak Academy. I... well, needless to say I'm very confused about my current surroundings. Would anyone be so kind as to tell me where I am? I will be very grateful for any sort of explanations! Plus... um, I'd really like to talk to anyone right now. It'd be nice to know that I'm not alone in this strange setting.

[If you happen to be out at night, you are also welcomed to run into Sayaka at the beach! Or if your muse is still sleeping, she'll be wandering around the mansion in the morning.]


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