Jan. 10th, 2017

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[ The Duchess stands on the beach in new attire. She balances head and hat on her neck with caution. The high collar is of use. The sand around her is disturbed, by ordinary footsteps and peculiar traces alike. She looks at something far beyond the video transmission, her voice as distant as her gaze. ]

We reflect on the actions of the past; We can't let go. We want to move forward. We can't change. We don't want to change. We want to protect. But there are Others. Others that won't give up. We can not help but be moved. We can't-- We can't help. But. Ha--no!

[ The Duchess lets out an ear-piercing shriek. ]

I am not her any longer! My duke! My dear duke, come to me! Remind me who I am! Their dry bones grasp for ours, 'tis no time for a crisis of character, we haveourresolveshatteredwecan'thelpbutbecomewholeagain.We-- We do not want our children hurt... so long we have waited-- Duke! Stop her, I say! Stop her from trying!

[ At last - apparently - the Duchess' piglet waddles into view, and finds shelter underneath her dress. The Duchess scoops him up with relief. ]

There! Come, my love, we are already late. There is still enough time to seek shelter- from the lesser of the evils, at least!


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