Jan. 11th, 2017

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[The video jolts on as the device is knocked to the floor.

It's tilted upward at what seems to be the attic ceiling. Badly framed in the lower corner, one can see a figure sit shock upright. A moment of squinting around in the dim light. Then it held out one empty hand palm-downward. A long, sticklike object leaps, impossibly, on its own from the sidetable up into that palm.

The figure croaks,]


[The tip of the stick abruptly bursts with blinding white light.

By the time the device adjusts its picture settings to the new exposure, the figure has left the bed and is kneeling beside the device, staring at it, touching it just enough that the screen shakes and has a hard time giving an identifiable shot. Whoever it is—human, gaunt, filthy, haunted-looking, with something almost animalistic about his movements.

It's that motion—more than his terribly changed face, which seems to have aged decades (though in fact only months since you last saw him, if you'd ever seen him)—that identifies him to those who knew him before. Those who'd ever seen him right before a full moon.

His eyes lift and stare about the attic.

Then he springs to his feet and shouts something indecipherable.

The light abruptly zooms away from his wand and slams itself into the door. In its dying glow, the man follows it, slashes the wand viciously, and the door flies open with a bang so violent it nearly jars the door off its hinges.

He looks out the doorway. Just barely visible in the abandoned device's cockeyed view is the staircase down from the attic, and the adjacent door to the roof. Which the man, unable or uninterested in hearing whatever sounds might be emanating from the device now, dashes toward, magicks open, and disappears through. You can just see him making his way up to the roof.]

[OOC: Remus will be responding to any comments on this post! It'll just be a slightly-future Remus, who's calmed down after this log plays out!]
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[The camera turns on to reveal Wendy in selfie-mode, sitting on what appears to be a beach chair in the shade. She has sunglasses on anyway and looks particularly cool as she points a finger gun to the camera.]

Hey Wonderland. So, as much as I love the scene here, you guys are seriously lacking in cool hangout spots. And by that, I mean the coolest hangout spot- the roof.

[She hefts herself up from the chair and switches the camera around to reveal her setup, an obvious homage to her favorite place to goof off back home. In Wonderland, it contains two beach chairs under an umbrella, with a cooler in between them, pointed out in the direction of the beach for a great sunset view.]

Presenting: Roof Spot, Wonderland edition. Usually I'd reserve this place for only the coolest of the cool, but I'm feeling generous, and it'd be way too much work to try and figure out who wasn't allowed up here or whatever. Plus, like, it's freezing, so I figure nobody's gonna be here unless they really want it anyway. The cooler's for drinks but refilling it is hard so that's on you. Also, I will definitely be throwing water balloons from here in like, the immediate future. Consider yourself warned.

[She backs up a little bit to reveal a bucket of water balloons. Yes, it's winter, but like... who even cares about that. Details, details.]

So go ahead, use it up, dudes! C'mon, roof spot, roof spot, roof spot!

[She chants the last bit, obviously in an attempt to get people more hype for freezing their butt off on the roof, before cutting the feed. Feel free to come see her up there, or become the rather unfortunate recipient of a water balloon to the head on the ground.]
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::The video feed opens to show a smiling Asgore looking into the camera.::

Hello, everyone. I was talking with Sans the other day and he told me that on the internet, which is something I do not know very much about, that people do things that are called "Let Us Plays" and that the "Let Us Players" will play a game and have a nice chat, and that people like to watch them. And so I thought to myself that it would be a fun idea for me to try to do a "Let Us Play" with a game here for you all, since there is no Internet here.

::The camera pans out a bit more so that it's more than just Asgore's face, it's all of his upper body, swathed mightily in a lavender colored tank top and pink short sleeved-shirt combo; it's very fashionable.::

I asked the closet to give me a fun game and I got this!

::He proudly holds up a book of Sudoku puzzles.::

So, I think that I will start to play one of these Sud-oku games. I did a couple on my own to practice so that I know what I am doing.

::What follows is a ten minute video of Asgore reading numbers, counting things, giving life tips for brewing cups of tea, a story about a particularly difficult bush that he's had to prune, an anecdote about a weight lifting belt snapping in the middle of a deadlift, a couple of minor mistakes and some erasing, and at least three really bad puns. He helpfully moves the camera to focus on the sudoku but sometimes he picks it up and looks into it to make sure that it's still running, and then puts it back on the writing numbers action.::

::Eventually, he finishes it successfully.::

Oh, there we go, I guess I'm done. All of the columns and rows and boxes have all of the numbers from one to nine in them. I think it was very diverting. If anyone else has any games that they would like to see me play, or if you would like to see more Sud-oku videos please let me know. Like comment subscribe click the link to donate to my Patreon if you want to see more videos


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