Jan. 19th, 2017


Jan. 19th, 2017 11:21 am
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has anyone ever attempted to shut down travel by dimensional tear or portal or what might be referred to as some meta-physical means within wonderland or without it?

degree of success is unimportant-- i'm looking for anything pertaining to travel into wonderland, out of it, within it, to the mirror side, etc.

data is good, personal accounts are better. if you've gone to the mirror side (during a time where not everyone was invited over en masse) and are willing to offer information about your experience, that could be helpful as well.
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I thought that I was through with... strange dreams. [ Robyn Cousland smiles thinly, clearly as happy about what transpired in and around the pyramid as most of the others. ] But... those weren't dreams, exactly, were they? And... neither were they real.

[ She certainly isn't Neriah of the Second Blight's Wardens, that's for sure. ]

That desert - I've never seen anything like it. Those... [ She pauses, frowning slightly, thinking of the pyramids. ] The structures, where we took refuge. If you came from a similar world, could you tell me what they are?

[ There was a kind of haunting sadness to the place. And just haunting in general. ]

I'm still finding sand in my hair. [ Robyn concludes, chuckling. ]
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[The time is 2:30 in the morning. It's dead quiet.]

[Suddenly, without warning...]


[An angry old man's voice is shouting on the network. You all didn't really need sleep after surviving four days in the jungle, did you?]

Is this what you like to do all day? TEASE people relentlessly until they're at wit's end?! I would have been happier to be back in my room with the creatures left here, happier after hearing life, life everywhere but finding nothing... If you hadn't teased me with visions of the master!

[He whimpers a little, resting his voice after screaming so much. The errant buzz of an insect could be heard if one listened carefully.]

...Not his fault. It's can't be his fault...

He can't send people so far away from the world... Can he?


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