Jan. 23rd, 2017

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[Hey Wonderland, it's John Winchester back at it again. He's looking a little thinner that the last time he addressed the network, a little more bearded. Like he's been through a sickness recently but he's working through it.]

So, coming off the tail end of all that, the new year, and some shiny new meat, I think maybe it's time to go over some rules they don't tell you about in your nice little welcome packet.

[No offense to the people who work on that. But really, it doesn't have the important shit. As he goes, he holds his fingers off, ticking each point one by one. Take notes. ]

First, it won't help your sorry ass when this place decides to rewrite your mind, but always keep a stockpile of food. Cans, non-perishables, bottled water, dry beans, that kind of crap. Keep a knife and matches with it too. Basic survivalist shit. You never know when the closets are gonna rebel.

Second, learn how to use a gun. I can show you how, or Jo over in the bar, or whoever, but you need to know. Keep that handy, too.

Make some goddamn friends. I don't give half a crap if you're some lone wolf badges back home, you're not gonna survive without someone watching your back.

Stay away from those vendors, the ones out there who don't deal on money? Nothing they could give you is worth it. Fuck 'em.

[John makes a face- even thinking about those fuckers gives him the creeps.]

And finally, don't fuck with the library. Don't even entertain the idea of getting fire near it. Don't kill anyone in the goddamn library. And Jesus Christ, don't piss off the librarian. I'm not joking.

[And then, since he's never been one for conclusions or wrapping up nice and neat, he kills the feed.

There you go. Dad advice.]
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[A new resident can be seen wandering the grounds of the Mansion today. His gait is stumbling, and he holds his right arm at an unnatural angle. He’s wearing some kind of harness that supports a system of weaponry on his body, so strange and specific that its use is unclear. Upon closer inspection, it’s easy to see that there’s something seriously wrong with him. His eyes are unfocused, his clothing is ragged, and he carries a particular stench of blood, death and heat. Despite this, only a few browning spots stain his jacket.]

What in the world…

[His attention is drawn in all different directions. He stares off in the distance over the forest and the hills. The shoreline, too, seems to bewilder him. He’s walking in circles around the Mansion, his neck tilted back as far as it can go to take in its dizzying heights.]

Who the hell built this thing? Titans with wood planes and mortar?

[He takes a few steps back, as if winding back to leap, and reaches up to grab what looks like triggers in holsters under his arms. His left arm makes it, but his right does not. He winces, and cradles it against his chest. Whatever he was about to do, he can’t pull off with a broken arm. He makes a tching noise.]

The fuck am I supposed to do?

[He takes a deep breath, and then plods along his sorry way, his posture drooping. He’s confused, lost, and a little frightened. It’s hard enough to wrap his mind around his own troubles, let alone whatever fever dream his head has conjured up for him now. They say that all soldiers crack eventually, but he never knew the extent of the madness that enveloped those who can no longer comprehend reality.]

[Because we’re all mad here, right?]

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Jan. 23rd, 2017 07:26 pm
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[There was no one on the screen. Certainly it was a live feed, but no one showed their face or seemed to be using the device.]

I've used a telephone. I know how a telephone works. Where is the dial? How am I supposed to make a call if I can’t reach the operator?

[The voice was accented, British, and frustrated. And it would seem, speaking to them self. A moment later his face came into view… upside down.]

Is this it? I've known of some that talked about magic mirrors, and they look a bit like this. Is that what this is?

[That seemed to reassure him, considering it to be the sort of mirrors some wizards used. Much less confusing than thinking it a muggle phone. Even if he was still upside down.]

Well then. If I've been told right, this is letting me communicate with others here. Hello. Thank you for having me. I must say, I prefer an actual invitation, but I know that doesn't work for everyone.

I was recently in Equatorial Guinea, and then New York City. The States have definitely been interesting. Honestly, because of that, I could certainly do with returning. I have charges in my care that I need to get back to as soon as possible.

[He paused, considering his creatures in Tina and Queenie's care. He was hoping Jacob would help them.]

Might anyone know what I need to do for a ship back to New York?


Jan. 23rd, 2017 08:34 pm
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So, hey, that.. thing, we jus' did. Sure was a thing.

[Eloquence, thy name is Dan Palmer.]

Anyone... start gettin' flashbacks t' somethin' they could'a done without knowin' more about? I mean, I'm all fer history - great thing, even if we never fuckin' learn from it - but... I could'a lived happily not knowin' any a' what I saw. Really could'a.
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--No, no, no! Ugh, seriously?

[At first everything is dark, but then there are little shifts that produce light until finally something is lifted off of the camera and Wirt is there, looking down at the camera with some mild concern. There's a Norton Anthology of English literature in his hands (volume two, first edition).]

I hope I didn't break it...what even happens when you break these things anyway?

[He doesn't seem to realize that the camera has been turned on, and isn't paying attention to the little red recording light. Instead, he sets his book aside in a tall stack - a stack that fell right on the network device earlier. Satisfied that it won't fall again, Wirt turns his attention back to his notebook. He reads his work quietly, but just loud enough to be picked up by his network device.]

Hm...alright, so.

Wonderland's eternal winter,
thawed for mere moments,
into a lush greenery and warmth
that spreads through each limb and vein
tingling in fingers and toes.

And in that reprieve of winter
I forget myself.
I mix and swirl with what both is
and is not me,
dwell on what I am
and what I never was.

I am a raging river
waiting for the world to freeze again--

[He stops and frowns.] Wait. That's dumb. Water still moves under ice...

[For a moment, he tries to think of a way to save it, but in the end he scribbles out the last stanza entirely. He still doesn't seem to realize he's being recorded.]
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[A woman in a bright blue jumpsuit looks warily into the device as she balances it awkwardly against the stock of her gun, which she's still trying to hold in both hands while broadcasting at the same time. She glances quickly away again, muttering in frustration as she tries to get a device on her wrist to work, then jumping in panic as she hears a noise, uncertain whether ferals or super mutants or something even worse is about to descend on her.]

If anyone's receiving this message, please respond. I'm looking for my companion, Nick Valentine. He's a synth, but don't be alarmed, he's not going to hurt you.

[A pause while she peers tentatively round a corner to check that it's safe.]

And ... if anyone's seen a baby boy, please let me know.


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