Feb. 2nd, 2017

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Hey Wonderland.

[Jolyne's here today looking like she has something very important to ask. Also, she looks a little concerned. The reason for it isn't going to stay a secret for very long though, no need to worry about that one.]

Assuming everybody heard the cat talking about...whatever the fuck that's about, but uh, anyone know if it started early?

[This might be a dumb question, she doesn't think events work that way, but...]

I know it was talking about water and stuff like that, and not this, but I went to check on my uncle and he wasn't in his room, but there was a bear in there. Like an actual, honest to god bear. He didn't seem to want honey or hang with Piglet either.

[Admittedly she kind of panicked, so if anybody heard someone screaming in the second floor hallway earlier today, that was why.]

So is there an event going on or seriously, why the fuck is there a fucking bear in my uncle's room? And please tell me it didn't eat him. I'm not in the mood to deal with that shit right now.
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You all, no doubt, saw the Cheshire Cat's announcement of the next event. Here is the post for plotting and for asking any questions you might have. Just a couple quick points.

1) Deaths during this event do not count as Mansion deaths.

2) The closets will not work during this event, but other magical rooms (i.e. kitchen, dining room, tea rooms) will work normally.


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