Feb. 3rd, 2017

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[ Henry has not been on the network (except to raise the alarm that a homicidal person was in the library throwing bombs or something) in a while. He's managed to offend people with the word 'monsters' and then asked something really stupid to everyone when he needed advice. But now, at least, he thinks what he has to say is less weird and/or offensive.

Turning the video feed on, he holds up a golden pair of shears. ]

Has anyone ever seen anything like this before? They were in my stocking for Christmas. I guess they're an expensive pair of scissors or...shears? Fancy word.

[ He opens and closes them, turning them over in his hand. ]

So, any famous pairs of scissors in anyone's world out there? Maybe somehow our stories overlap if so.

[ Henry apparently doesn't know that much about fate and destiny and Greek mythos other than his trip to the Underworld. But clearly, these will be important in the future. He just doesn't know how. ]
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[Unlike Max (the real Max), mirror-Max tells fucking everyone.]

Missing: Chloe Price
Blue-haired hot punk-rock looking chic with great taste in vices

[She writes it out on mirrors. Lots of mirrors. Lots.]


[She doesn't even realize how dumb it sounds.]


[How sad.]

Please, if you've seen her. Let me know.


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