Feb. 5th, 2017

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Who: The Goddamn Batman and YOU
Where: around the mansion
When: During the event
Rating: Probably not more than PG-13
Summary: Batman makes his Wonderland debut in attempts to help people as much as possible, whether it means helping them out of a dire situation or even just teaching them meditative breathing techniques to prolong oxygen consumption. This post is completely open so feel free to throw someone at him -- and I'm cool with either action spam or prose, so pick your poison.

The Story: it's between you and me )
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[Forward dated to the latter half of day 3. Clementine's been surviving like she always does, but nothing could have prepared her for discovering Georgia and Shaun- No, they're- they're zombies, and they're not themselves anymore. She's trying not to shake while she holds the fucking network post, because what the hell are they going to do?

This whole place is gonna turn into- into zombies, and if she dies, she's gonna just add to it. Her voice is harsh, strained, desperate to be heard. She's only partially in the frame of the video itself, checking the ammo in her gun.]

Don't kill the zombies in the water.

It's- It's Georgia and Shaun, and if you kill those zombies, their juices get in the water and anyone that touches that water will be infected too. We'll all be screwed, okay?

Just don't- We gotta find another way, and killing them up close isn't really smart either, but if you shoot them and they splatter- [Fuck. It's hard talking about them like this. People aren't gonna get it or they'll think she's just callous and hard, and she is because she has to be. Carver said she was like him, because sometimes- sometimes she has to be like him, hard, willing to kill without flinching.]

I'm gonna figure it out.

Private to Iris

[her voice goes softer when she's not addressing a big crowd of people that she needs to convince to listen to her. it's iris so it's different, and she slides a hand behind her neck, wincing.]

I ran into them while I was trying to make it to you so I couldn't really make it to you. Yet.
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cw: drowning )

[Wirt gasps so hard for air when he revives that he starts coughing, and it takes him a minute or so to stop. He's alive. He's alive and everything feels sort of foggy, but in that fog is a new clarity. There's relief and there's fear, but also certainty that he didn't have before.

He's soaking wet and a bundle of nerves but he has to say something. In an impulsive fit of desperation, he holds his network device in trembling hands and blurts out an SOS to whoever will listen and care.

Or...he tries to.

I-I go how what happied tome me! I'm how happening...hap at home! I'm not die! Mime-- I'm stilled dive! It sot too later...

[He doesn't seem to hear how he sounds. He just has a desperate look that whatever he's trying to say is of dire importance.]

Trainer diddin hitch...didn't...I-I'm all I've!

[That's all he can manage and he's concerned about worrying everyone, but this matters too much and if he doesn't seize the opportunity now he knows he won't.]


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