Feb. 21st, 2017

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[The video turns on to see a little blue bot, looking a little bit annoyed that they have to use this little palm pilot in order to use the network.]

Ah! Hello, to whomever views this! I suppose I should introduce myself and leave a good impression. My name is Turing. I am the world’s first sapient ROM created by the late Hayden Webber of Parallax. Nice to meet you!

Now, then, I must ask if there’s a way for me to connect to the mesh - er, network, through my system rather than using this outdated palm pilot. I’m trying to connect to the network myself, but it’s not working. I might still be damaged from…well, anyway.

I’ve only been here for about a day, so I haven’t been able to look around the entire premises, but the topography of the gardens and the architecture of the mansion…well. It reminds me more of a storybook. Perhaps Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland? The checkerboard hills and the heart motif around the gardens gave that impression to me the most.

One final pressing question I have for whoever sees this video, and forgive me for appearing dramatic, but, is…is…this the afterlife? The last thing I remember is having my personality program taken out from my system, followed by a series of loud sirens.

[They…guessed TOMCAT wasn’t able to get their personality program back into their body successfully. They…really were…

Turing suddenly appears to look very sullen as the thought of them actually being dead hits them like a train.

Alys and TOMCAT…I’m never going to see them again, aren’t I?
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Hey again, Wonderland.

[Kon gives a half wave and a smile. He's been interviewed before, spent his entire life in the public eye up until recently, but this still feels weird. Maybe it's because of the awkwardness of the question he's asking.]

I've got a... probably unusual question. Can anyone else here fly? Specifically, has anyone else here tried flying to get out of here? I mean, it didn't work, obviously. I wasn't even surprised about that. But it was really weird. Like it's not like I ran into a block or anything like that. I just sort of... ended up where I started. And going up I just ended up not moving after a while, even though it felt like I did.

[He shrugs.]

Anyway, just wanted to know if anyone else had tried it. Cause man, I do not like it when my flying doesn't work right. It's just wrong.


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