Mar. 8th, 2017

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So, you heard Alice! There's a EVENT this weekend! And there's PUZZLES! YOUR FAVORITE!

So, most of the event is explained over at the bulletin board, but this post is for a bit more explanation on the puzzles! ICly these will be colorful grid puzzles on the walls in random locations, and whe they're solved they'll tell you the location of one of the keys! And...I mean, we could just oocly tell you where keys are. But why would we do that when we can make you do puzzles yourselves?





Since the keys re-spawn, it is entirely okay to interpret the answer of the puzzle however you want to OOCly, to make it more difficult for characters to ICly share the answers. Which is a shame really, since your characters need to solve the color puzzles to get to the second half of the lab, all while dealing with the Amalgamates running around!

As usual, the first thread is a FAQ thread for all your FAQ needs! Then the rest of this post is for plotting - who's turning into a child? Who's going to befriend some amalgamates to save their own skin? Anyone gonna make some bad decisions and mess around with that DT Extractor? Come comment and plot with everyone!

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Mar. 8th, 2017 07:10 pm
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You could be happy here. Having anything you desire, or being given a second chance. You could be happy, or at least not faulted for wanting to believe the dream. Dreams can be powerful, or quickly become a nightmare.

( Three guesses as to what Leliana's considering and the first two are probably correct. She knows that this is not in fact the Fade but it's the closest base of reference that she has -- somewhere that isn't quite real, where magic is more powerful than you would believe, dreams, desires. Demons. There is some influence here, and something else -- what else would want them captive? )

It would be more unsettling if we are simply left to our happiness. They take memories, feeding from us. Is that power only to feed what they do or is there more to it? What else will come, even if some have been waiting for so long?

( Perhaps some of the memories were not powerful enough, only giving a fraction of the power another memory did. Was it happiness or sadness, perhaps fear or anger? )

Would you give up something to keep this happiness going, or does fear of what may come stop that?


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