Mar. 10th, 2017

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[It's not every day one wakes up and is suddenly inside another body. Or more like Minato was inside a smaller, younger version of his body. He looked like this when he was six years old. It's definitely an event as was announced over the network. But no problem.

There was something on a wall though like a puzzle? But he had to look up, up, and up at it, squinting through the fog. The puzzle was way too high up and no matter how much he tried to jump to reach it, it was not getting any closer.

He had to find something to climb up on. A rolling office chair it was then! That served four purposes:
1) He could move it around easily and adjust the seat up and down to get to places too high to reach
2) He could hide behind it if need be
3) It could be his getaway vehicle if he needed to escape from those monsters
4) The video from the comm device hanging from it would capture where he might be within the foggy laboratory

Thus here's a tiny Minato slowly making his own way through the fog with his trusty rolling chair until he bumps into someone... Is that someone you?]

Oh, sorry... I didn't mean it... Um, are you hurt?

[Pushing a chair with limited visibility is hard and he is profusely sorry for bumping into you! Please feel free to help him reach the puzzle? Or run into him during his travels?]
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[The screen is a blur of flurried movement, and whatever that sound is, it's high pitched and distorted. Evidently, someone is shaking their device. When it finally stills, Greg's staring in, face flush with excitement, panting from happy screeching.]


[Welcome to Kidland, population a bunch of kids and multidogs who are all BEST. FRIENDS.]
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[It's Tiny Rick! Your favorite guy. That lovable teenage fucko. He's standing up on one of the beds and holding out his phone like he wants to take a selfie as he broadcasts, mostly so he can gesture at the camera with his free hand.]

Alright, li-listen up, preschoolers. I know ev-everyone wants to have fun in the Silent Hill lab with the pudding monsters, being children and what the fuck ever, b-but this is not all f-fun and games and endless disappointments from Konami. Dr. A and Frisk h-have explained this whole, the whole creepy lab and creepy pudding things, but I'm here to tell you about this kid bullshit. That's right, fuckos, we-we've got, got two goddamn simultaneous fucking events on our hands, and it's, it's complete fucking, it's bullshit. Tiny Rick was a fan-favorite, and we, we already fucking tempted fate enough with rehashing the whole stolen cable plot, but fuck it, I-I guess this is just how the network's gonna run things now. Grind it into the dirt t-till no one cares anymore, right? Fuck you. D-Do you have any idea how much Werner Herzog fucking costs?

[He's getting off track, so he pauses and clears his throat.]

I-If you've been turned into a kid, y-you are not in your right body. This is not the r-real me and it's not the real you either, but you're, you're gonna try damn fucking hard to convince yourself it is, because it's real fucking tempting to, to get your youth back and relive the glory days, lemme fucking, fucking tell you. But these are just

[He pauses, frowning, because what the fuck is the word for it?]

...Like, copies, genetic copies, or I dunno, magic--magic bullshit constructs, who the fuck knows with Wonderland. Point is, your real body is slowly dying in a vat somewhere in this lab. You gotta find your vat and transfer your consciousness b-back into your correct body, or--fuck, Wonderland might kill us or m-make us all go through puberty again. No one wants that. No one in the entire goddamn world wants that. Trust me, it's not worth it.

[As Rick's talking, something takes shape behind him. It looks kind of like a tall, white spoon. It doesn't really do anything, just sort of hovers translucently on the opposite side of the bed from him. When he pauses and glances back over his shoulder, the thing vanishes.] yeah. Avoid pudding monsters, f-find your vat, get back into your real body. And if you need help remembering that you're not supposed to be a kid, listening to Elliott Smith seems to work. I-I've got his entire discography on my phone.

[He pulls said phone away and plays himself off with a sad song.]


Mar. 10th, 2017 05:34 pm
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Hey!! Um, greetings! This is Toriel.

So... i'm a kid again! I am, in fact, a child once more.

It is really mixing me up. I do not think that I like this very much. Especially with what happened last time this place turned me into a kid... just some. Bad memories.

I think that I'm gonna have bad memories about this place, too... It's all just... it's creepy. All it needs is some creepy music and it'd be just like some scary movie I watched once, before deciding I did not really care for scary movies.

...Anyway, I was just, um...

[Scared, and really looking for someone to talk to so that she can feel a little less scared and alone. But she's supposed to be a mature adult, not a scared little girl, no matter how much she looks and feels like one right now.

She really should've planned out something to say better before doing this.]

I just!! Am curious how everyone's doing. And where you are. That's all!


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