Mar. 25th, 2017

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[ This is definitely not something Kurt would ever broadcast with his name attached. He doesn't want to be associated with this type of question because it's of such a personal nature, but he's curious. ]

How do you date someone here?
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Private to the Legends crew even the ones she doesn't know well yet because this is an APB.

Is Ray with any of you/have you seen him today?

[Sarah isn't prone to panicking, and Ray gets up like, three hours before her anyway, so when she wakes up alone it's not so strange. But there's no coffee, no breakfast, no tinkering Ray anywhere in the apartment. She goes to the gym like usual, looking for him, but when she gets to noon and hasn't even heard from him, there's a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach. Still, she'll check. Also, his things are still in their place so she doesn't think he won't come back. But who says it's just a week he'll be gone? People have been gone longer, right? What if he doesn't remember her? What if something terrible happens to him back home?

She absolutely does not like this. At all. ]

Later, private to Kurt.

I need to sleep on your couch. Minimum one week.


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