Mar. 28th, 2017

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[ The Duchess appears, entirely too close to the screen. She holds her head in both hands, voice and gaze ominous as can be. ]

They've waited for so many years to fulfill their purpose. Progress beckons destruction, and their masters lurk looming in the darkness. Once the call is heeded a terrible doom shall befall--

[ A loud beeping sound cuts her off. The Duchess flinches, and glances back to the steady mechanical blare, the sharp and pulsing noise, the... the alarm clock on a table behind her. It flashes 21:85 relentlessly, numbers in aggressive red. The Duchess sighs heavily. ]

Well! We're rather a little too early, aren't we? 'Tis an embarrassment to be sure, but time really ought to know better than to move so very far ahead. Now, what shall we do until next time? There's so much, I can barely decide!

[ Just like that her ominous demeanor is shed and gone. Maintaining a respectable distance to the screen she wraps her neck in a silver scarf, and pulls it tight. ]

Which one is truly your favourite? You ought to pick one, it's only fair.

[ She twirls the frizzy ends of her scarf, looking into a faraway distance. ]

I wonder if they have any fish in the lake...


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