May. 15th, 2017

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[The video starts to show a man who clearly has seen better days; Rip's face is bruised and bloody both, and that's hardly the full extent of it. There's a very real and dangerous reason why he's seated on the ground making this announcement rather than at the mansion already.]

It would seem there's some manner of event going on. [Something that may already be known. Chronos had knocked Rip out before abandoning him in the woods, and he's willing to bet hours have gone by since then at least. He swallows; speaking is rather hard for a number of reasons, not the least of which being his broken nose.] There's at least one mirror that's crossed over; if you see a tall man wearing a full suit of futuristic armor carrying a trio of guns, I highly suggest you avoid him at all costs. He goes by the name of Chronos, and I cannot emphasize enough how dangerous he is.

[Though perhaps less so to bystanders than to the Legends and their cohorts. Still, Rip would much rather not take the unnecessary risk.]

In a related matter--[Related, ha, as if this little public announcement were the most ordinary thing. Rip squeezes his eyes closed; his head hasn't stopped pounding since he woke up.] I could use some assistance in getting back to the mansion itself. I'm partway between the woods and the building.

[It's as far as Rip's managed to drag himself thus far; in truth he'd hoped to make much quicker progress, or to hear back from the other Legends. Neither has happened, thus? The option of last resort.

Which is so much of why the feed clicks off immediately after.]

{{ooc: Kara's going to be coming out to rescue Rip! But feel free to pester him anyways. Just—be aware that the British guy is in something of a mood.]
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[ later, after she's been briefed and has (mercifully) located her own damned room: ]

Good evening -- I understand the mansion is undergoing a spot of upheaval at the moment, so I'll be brief. Can someone lend me some steady hands and a bit of medical experience? Actually, simple first aid will more than suffice.

It's not an emergency. Rather, I've got some bandages that need changing. Nothing too fussy: abdomen, off-centre, and on a wound that was a clean through-and-through. Unfortunately, those bandages are a challenge to change alone. Believe you me, it's hardly my ideal way to make anyone's acquaintance.

That said,
[ down to brass tacks, ] I'd love to know what's the cause behind the current havoc. My arrival -- quite unwilling, although I'm told that's the way of this place -- seems to also be spectacularly ill-timed. What on earth is happening?

[ even through text, the words are brusque an just a twinge demanding. ]
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::The video opens upon one (1) Asgore Dreemurr, King of All Nothing In Particular, and professional Beardist, semi-professional Dad (ret.) looking somewhat distressed. Just. Mildly panicked. Only a little bit.::

Ah-hem, yes. Uh. So. It appears that someone is playing a very funny joke on me. Last night I went to bed and someone* must have snuck into my room while I was asleep,** because when I woke up, I discovered that a couple of my, uh, personal affects had been replaced in some sort of a, uh, funny joke.

::He pans over to show the wall. There's a couple of ripped out pages from what appears to be a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition from a world where the models are Monsters taped up on one space.::

I had two very nice Polaroid™ photos here of myself with both Frisk and Chara in them, and well, they were very nice photos and I did not make any copies of them and while these swimsuit ladies are a funny sort of replacement -- ha ha ha, see I am laughing, ha ha ha -- if someone could return the originals to me I would be very much appreciative of that.

I think that you have left some... empty beer bottles... in my room as well.

::The camera pans over to show what is clearly some empty bottles of 'Brewtien' which is a beer that has added protein somehow, which seems like a bad mistake on so many levels.::

So, please, I will be glad to pick up the bottles and throw them away for you; I would just appreciate it if you could. Give me the photos back, thank you.

::The camera cuts abruptly. Five minutes pass, and then there's a hasty addition, a second, very brief video with a somewhat more distraught image of Asgore appearing in it.::

Also someone has taken a pink sweater from me that says "Mr. Dad Guy" on it and appears to have replaced it with this Sun's Out Gun's Out tank top ::he holds it up in his hand; it's Asgore sized so the largest tank top you've probably ever seen:: which is, hahaha, even more like a funny joke because, hahaha, I was trapped underground for centuries, but, hahaha, I think that the joke is joked enough at this point, so please just. Trade me back the sweater and the photos okay thank you good day please I will be in my room waiting for you to contact me.

::The camera cuts for a second, and seemingly final time.::
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