May. 20th, 2017

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[ Once the coast is clear and everything seems to have finally calmed down, Darcy takes the dogs out on a much deserved walk because jfc it's been a dicey week to do anything without fearing being jumped or pulled over to the mirrorside. And considering she's got a few people over there she'd rather not cross paths with again, she's been laying low while they've been running wild.

They walk their normal loop around the Wonderland grounds when Darcy notices something different. After staring for a little while as the dogs bark at the new noise, she pulls out her device to fire off a quick message. ]

there's something weird happening outside - edge of the grounds on the west [ Give her a sec to look around, hold a hand up in the air and draw something before quickly changing her mind. ]
no east side
idk how to describe it so--


[ Enclosed is the sounds she's hearing of wood creaking and things splish splashing and digging? Diving? What? ]

can't see much
a lot of dust or fog or wonderland bs floating around
anyone wanna come out here and confirm that i'm not going crazy
it would be greatly appreciated

[ Because she's not sure that if it's a monster thing, her taser's gonna do much even with a god setting. ]
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You heard the Queen, AT ONCE! As of right now, on Saturday May 20th, the Mirrors will return to their own side, thus bringing the week of wayward visitors to an end.

The Reals are left to pick up the pieces, and the Mirrors still have two important matters to take care of:

PUNISHMENTS AND REWARDS for those who have helped Her Majesty's cause, and for those who have hindered it.

THE SPOILS OF WAR aka. important items stolen from the Reals throughout the week.

Have a look at the details, submit OOC results as needed, and get yourself some IC threads as desired. We hope you had a grand time, and are now leaving you to your regularly schedu-- wait, what's this?

There's still something off.

The Mirrors are gone, the mansion is quiet, but... that only means people can finally hear them, the strange sounds coming from the fences to the east of the mansion. Burrowing, splashing, the occasional creaking of wood-- what is going on there?

Try as you might, looking beyond the fences will not get you a better view, only thick clouds of dust, dancing in the distance.


Whatever it is, it can't be much worse than the week everyone just had, can it?

Stay tuned to find out tomorrow, for the very end of the event!


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