May. 21st, 2017

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Have to say that wasn't what I expected.

[She actually seems relieved about it not being what she was expecting because...]

Honestly, given all that and given the dust, I was half expecting some sort of curse or something else that made everything worse.

[Don't get her wrong, she's glad it's not, but still.]

Seems like that's the main thing you science types do anyway. I mean really, I tried to make my own way home a while back and you didn't see any of this happening. Still think that bit with everyone floating a year ago was one of you too.

[She hadn't thought about it in a while, and didn't care when it happened, but now that she's thinking about science stuff, she's decided it bothered her.]

Not to mention that text asking about portals a few months ago, really, you don't see those of us with magic making a giant mess of everything on the regular. Can't blame you for trying to find a way out, but please, try to make less of a mess in the future. Sure the rest of us would appreciate it.

[Look, she is trying to be a better person about things, but tact is still not her strong suit. Sorry Wonderland.]
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[ The restless and suspicious must have heard them all night: Strange sounds, coming from the fences to the east of the mansion. Burrowing, splashing, the creaking of wood, the- the hammering of nails? And then, at last, in the early morning hours of Sunday:

A thundering bang, as one length of Wonderland's fences comes crashing down!

Anyone who dares approach will find that they can approach, that the Checkerboard Hills and the grounds suddenly stretch quite a bit further to the east than they used to, and that smack dab in the middle of this vast stretch of meadow they can now spot a whole lake!

Fed by a river coming from the forest, dotted with trees and benches, topped off with a boat house near its north end, and... and a tired lizard, sitting on a stack of wood in the sun, yawning heartily.

Whew! Breeze compared to a whole ocean that was, and still, and still, ol' Bill ain't not the youngest no more. Reckon she'll be right pleased with me now, she will. Whispered to me that ye lot deserve a treat, after all that fuss. Ought to give ye more space to move too, eh?

[ Bill squints at the sun, and slowly climbs down from his wooden perch. ]

No need to poke yer nice place full of holes now there ain't, not with a view like that! Go on then, have a look, Bill's gots to take a good rest after all that, but ye lot just make yerself at home now, catch a big one for me, eh? Catch- catch a big one for ol' Bill....

[ He yawns, rolls off of his seat, and plummets out of sight. After all that exhausting work it looks like he won't be able to talk to anyone today, but it seems that everyone is still more than welcome to explore the latest addition to their surroundings! ]
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Gosh, that sure was an event! Developments behind the IC scenes started quite a while ago, and there is a great write-up here, for anybody who wants background details on the characters involved. Things really kicked off when Leo Fitz made an announcement, preparing people for a little bit of noise pollution. Nothing dangerous, nothing to be alarmed by!

...Of course it was actually very dangerous, and everybody should have been extremely alarmed!

A portal meant to eventually provide a way out of Wonderland punched a hole into the Mirror side instead, leaving the most dreadfully disloyal of Her Majesty's people to escape to the Real side. Needless to say, the Queen of Hearts was furious!

She permitted her other Mirrors to cross properly: What followed was a week of chaos and traitor hunting, with successes and failurs of the latter being on display here. At the Queen's orders Reals lost many of their most valuable possessions... and sometimes even more than that.

One week after her initial announcement the Queen of Hearts finally called her Mirrors back, ready to punish and reward them all as she saw fit, and to inspect the boons they'd acquired for her. The worst was finally over, except--

Except for a number of strange noises, coming from the fences that night.

The culprit revealed himself the next day, being none other than Bill the Lizard with a special announcement for Wonderland. To make up for everything they'd endured, and to expand a world that was evidently becoming too small for its restless inhabitants, Bill had been commissioned to create

+ The Lake +

The lake has a familiar shape and is flanked by trees with a small boathouse at its north end. It is fed by a small river that runs into the woods, its origin unknown. On some days the lake is clear enough to see all the way to the bottom, on others its waters are murky and dark. Beautiful red water lilies dot the lake's surface, and frogs make themselves at home on big floating leaves. Wander alongside the shore, and sit down on a bench to admire the peaceful sight. Or take a boat, cast a line, and you might even catch a fish!

The settings page will reflect this change, and Kirsten has updated her magnificent map of the grounds accordingly. Rejoice, for Wonderland has grown, ready to welcome each and every new visitor with open arms! ♥

(Yes, for real this time.)


May. 21st, 2017 08:22 pm
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[ Enter Sarah Weller looking slightly distressed, holding the camera and standing in the middle of a living room not her own. ]

What are the odds on my brother and Jane both going home at the same time, and not being trapped on the other side of the mirrors? Their stuff is here, but...

[ Her stomach twist a little as the camera pans to show their things. ]

But they aren't. And after everything that happened...

[ She trails off, a tear slipping down her cheek. ]

Please tell me they aren't stuck on the other side and just left for a week.


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