Jun. 7th, 2017

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Ray Palmer and Sarah Weller would like to invite you to celebrate the recent marriage of

Mr. & Mrs. Kurt Weller

Where: The ballroom
When: This Friday from 7 p.m. to midnight

Formal wear, please. Food and drink will, of course, be provided. All ages welcome. For questions and RSVPs, please contact Sarah Weller.

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Good morning.

[She hadn't been planning on using the network outside of reaching out to others to gather their interests and intel, but it presents a good opportunity to take care of something that she’d been wondering about for a while now...in a way that a certain someone will have a harder time catching wind of.

Zack’s important. She wants to help him. What she doesn't want is to embarrass him to the point where he’ll smack her upside the head and go...murder someone else, or something. That might be a little much. So! Putting herself out there and asking questions under the stealth of written word it is.]

What is the best way to teach someone to read?

Someone with a poor attention span.


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