Jun. 11th, 2017

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[Hello, Wonderland! You are greeted by a creepy bandaged man in a hoodie who has a huge question for you.]

Hey! I thought this mirror shit was over already!

[Okay, not so much of a question. More like he's really confused and he needs to show you the mirror in his room...]

[... Yep, a Mirror wrote on it. Zack has not been informed that the mirrors can do this.]

The hell is this? Are they plotting to break in again or something?

[By the way, the sloppy message scrawled on the mirror reads, "HAppy BirthdAy, RAy. MAy God hAvE mErcy whEn thE timE comEs. 🕇" It would have been a lot more heartwarming if it wasn't so creepy...]
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[Sans is at the lake, sitting at the end of a short dock in the shade of a willow tree. He appears to be fishing. He looks more tired than usual, even for him, but he also seems...somewhat relaxed? Content, maybe? Hard to read expressions when a guy never stops grinning.]

i can see 'em swimmin' around in there, but they sure ain't biting. think maybe these fish are just smarter than me, heh.

[He casts his line out again.]

death was right, though. this is nice. nice to do it for real.

[He's quiet for a moment, apparently just taking it all in. It's a nice day out. You might say that birds are singing and flowers are blooming, and there ain't nothing wrong with that.]

...that snow event wasn't so bad. think i'm really getting used to the idea of summer, though.


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