Jul. 14th, 2017

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[ She knew as soon as the cryptic message went up what this was going to be. And it's really something to finally be up, after two and a half years, to know this one's yours and it won't be anything good. Michonne's stockpiled more than usual - cases of bottled water, a shit ton of non-perishable food, and guns, ammo. She doesn't know what to expect; maybe it'll all disappear overnight, but she has to try.

When she wakes up back home, back in Alexandria, at first she thinks she's back. But she remembers Wonderland, sits up straight in bed and realizes a few things. Rick's not beside her, her stockpile from yesterday is still there, and her device is on the nightstand. Dressing quickly, she gets up, walks through the familiar house and out onto the porch.

She is home. There's no Daryl in the house next door, her people aren't here, but she's back and she isn't sure how to feel. She isn't even sure what fucked up thing might happen. She has to do her best to warn everyone, toe the line between scaring the shit out of people and making sure they understand. Sitting at her kitchen table (and that's a weird thing, too. This isn't anyone's but hers. This is all...hers. Her house, her couch, her mantle where she hung her katana thinking in a bout of optimism that it could stay there) she turns on her device, her face a little harder than usual which is, in all honesty, saying something. ]

If you don't know me, my name's Michonne. This is my world. Looks nice. Quaint. But it's not. Most people in Wonderland call it a zombie apocalypse. We didn't know what it was.

[ She really can't help having this moment out loud. ]

It was never entertainment for movies and tv in my world. It's real. Most of you already know what to do: shot to the head is the only thing that kills them. It's not good enough to just cut off the head. It can still bite. You get bit, you die and turn. Come back as one of them. Don't worry about being able to tell the difference between someone alive and someone dead. You can see it. Smell it.

[ And uh, one other thing: ]

If you get bit on a part that can be cut off, arm, leg. Do it. Cut it off as soon as you can. If you don't bleed to death, you won't turn.

[ But everyone knows this is temporary, so maybe people would just rather die than go through an amputation. Maybe they'd die and turn because eventually, this will end. They don't have to keep living it every single day. ]

I don't know if walkers will even be the issue. It could be anything I've gone through, right? There's enough fucked up shit that's happened, the biggest threat might not even be the dead. Just trust me. Get a weapon. Stay close because there's safety in numbers. I'm at the very end of the neighborhood with cases of water and food if you don't have any, but look in your pantries and see if there are rations, first. If you know how to use a gun, I've got those too.

Just know that noise draws them in. Gunfire is dangerous, might as well sound off a dinner bell for walkers. That's why I've had and always will have a katana. If you smell like them, they won't bother you. Smear their guts on you, smell dead, walk slow, you can get through a hoard.

[ She should stop, she can't tell everyone everything, it's too much. ]

You know how to reach me, if you need me.
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[ It's been a long, long while since Steve transmitted a message through the network, and that's been no accident. His last announcement was when he came back from his last trip home, over a year ago. It hadn't felt right to take the lead in the same way after that, and others had jumped in to take his place as needed. Hadn't they? He'd thought as much, but others have told him that he's still needed as a leader. Maybe not as Cap, but as Steve.

It's a work in progress.

But here he is all the same, sending out his message toward the end of the second day. He's indoors; the room he's in not well-lit but his face is still visible. It's quiet out, the calm before the storm. ]

Michonne and I took a trip past the gates today, and... there's something coming. Or, well, a lot of somethings. A whole horde of zombies headed right for us. She's already given you guys the rundown, but I wanted to get the word out. We're gonna have to fight, or barricade ourselves away from danger. [ His expression hardens then, something steely and determined. ] Whatever you can do to keep yourself and your loved ones safe, do it.

[ A pause as he gathers his thoughts, and then he's back to it. ] I know death isn't permanent here, but this isn't a way that anyone wants to go. [ Is he speaking from experience?? Who knows, he doesn't elaborate. ] And I'll do whatever I can to help. In case you didn't know, I've got super strength, super speed, and I can take a hit. I'm not even sure if this infection will affect me because of the way my metabolism is. So if you need help getting out a scrape, let me know, all right? Or even if you just need help barricading a house. [ He's perfect for all that heavy lifting. ] I'm here to do whatever I can.

[ It's never enough, but he's still going to try. If he's learned anything this past year, it's that. ]

Oh, it's Steve, by the way. Steve Rogers. Stay safe, everyone.

[ With a firm nod, he ends the broadcast. For someone who's rusty on the speeches, it could have been worse, right? ]
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[ Claire's mostly staying with Jamie for right now, but on the heels of Steve Roger's announcement, she feels the need to offer assistance. ]

This is Claire Fraser. In light of the things we've heard and the fact that...cutting off limbs is a way to help keep from dying, I wanted to offer my help. Amputations are primarily what I performed in the field. If you need me, for anything medical, I was an army medic. I'll help. Please, just let me know.

[ That's it; she's worried and afraid, it probably shows in the tensity of her voice, but she's not going to decline to be of service to anyone should they need it. ]
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[The video opens on a nice, pleasant scene outside of the town limits. The sun is shining, the birds are singing. There's a man and a zombie and a hockey stick. You know, any sunny day ending in Y. The man is Shaun, and he's wearing kevlar over his t-shirt, and safety sunglasses, but that's the extent of his armor today.

It's George's voice that comes through from behind the camera.]

Our story begins where so many have ended. With an idiot, in this case my brother Shaun, poking a zombie with a stick.

[Shaun is keeping his new friend at the other end of his hockey stick, and he glances over his shoulder at George.]

Come on, this is the least stupid thing I've ever done with zombies that you've seen.

[She zooms in, focusing on Shaun and the zombie. But she sounds amused when she responds.]

Is that really something to brag about? Most people here haven't had a chance to see the depths of your dumb life choices. You could have kept them fooled.

I think it's a testament to my innate ability to survive that I haven't died yet, actually. [The zombie lunges, but Shaun keeps the hockey stick between him and it.]

It's a testament to you being a lucky idiot.

[You can practically hear her eyeroll. It's also a testament to him being immune, but that seems like not a great thing to advertise right now. Especially when they don't know if it's true in this particular zombie apocalypse and the idea of losing him because they have the wrong damn zombies and he's gotten used to being immune…. No. It's not worth considering. Shaun knows what he's doing.]

Are you done making friends with the locals yet? Seems like your buddy there could use a nap. A really permanent one.

[He gives a slightly dramatic sigh and without any further fanfare pulls out his gun and shoots the zombie in the head. It goes down, of course. There might be some differences in the variety of zombies here as opposed to home, but enough is the same that this, at least, is no surprise.]

Yeah, I guess. [He nods toward the distance.] Hey, George, check this out. How long do you think it'll take the party to arrive?

[She raises the camera, turning it away from Shaun and over to the mass of zombies gathering in the distance.]

Not nearly long enough. And us without nearly enough party favors.

[When she turns the camera again, both she and Shaun are in frame now. She's wearing kevlar as well, as well as a heavy leather jacket. And sunglasses, of course. She looks even more serious than usual, in contrast to her earlier tone.]

We've been dealing with zombies our whole lives. This… is a hell of an outbreak. You need help or advice, talk to us. [A corner of her mouth twitches up very slightly.] I promise Shaun won't screw around. Too much.

[He gives her a look of mock offense.] Please. I always save my screwing around for times when I'm the only one who's going to die by my stupid choices. [He offers a thumbs up to the camera.] Lots of experience in not getting dead by zombies between the two of us. Seriously, if you need help, don't hesitate to call. I know there are plenty of people offering, so we're joining the chorus here, but the offer stands anyway.

So has anyone see any zombie bears yet? I have a score to even up.

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