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[001 ♥ Video] / Action


"Rumpel?" Belle's voice soft as she called for her husband, stirring awake in their bed. The room was quiet, save for the crackling of the fireplace. The lingering warmth in the air furthering her feelings of contentment and peace. The dangers of the past year were seemingly at an end, the town was finally safe and she could bask in the happiness of her love. Her marriage back on even ground. More than anything, she wanted to enjoy this reunion, to enjoy their private moment together, uninterrupted.

Sitting up, she glanced about the room in confusion. He wasn't there. Had he gone downstairs to make her breakfast? Reaching over for her negligee, Belle pulled it on hastily, hurrying to join him.

But as she stepped through the door, she emerged onto a beach. The familiar scenery of the house replaced by a wide horizon and the waves rolling steadily to shore. Sand squished beneath her feet, dirtying her bare skin and grounding her in the moment. Her hair whipped about her face, the heavy scent of sea spray filling her nose.

No, this wasn't right. What was this? Another curse?

"Rumpel?" She called out again, more desperate this time. "Hello?" Her gaze darting around, looking for signs of someone who could have done this. Zelena? This wouldn't be beyond her capabilities. "Someone?"

She was alone. Just as she had been before. That was what she wanted, wasn't it? To have an uninterrupted peace. Some magical force had granted it to her, but at a heavy cost. She was isolated and no way to get home.

After the video broadcast, Belle started walking slowly inland. Her feet bare, sinking into the snow and quickly becoming numb. Wrapping her arms around herself, she remained focused, hurrying towards where (she assumed) the mansion was.


[It took a moment of fumbling and inspecting the device before Belle was able to turn it on. Her weary and red face broadcast across the network. She shivered, wearing only her nightdress, glancing around as she addressed Wonderland.]

Hello? I'm not quite sure where I am or how I got here. Is there any shelter around? [The snow is making this incredibly uncomfortable.] I'm not sure how long I can wait out here and I need to find somewhere warm.
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[He's not really one to give a shit for charity but he's not heartless okay, he's not about to leave some lost chick to freeze to death in freaking Wonderland.]

your in wonderland. like, literally.
theres a mansion where everyones staying for now. warm for now lots of people.

[And then a pause before he sends the next pair of texts because he really does not want to go roaming out in the snow in Wonderland barely a day or two after ending up here? But?

Well, shit.]

are you ok like
do you need help
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no way out as far as anyone can tell

havent been here long so idk which directions go where. everythings ass backwards here
i guess just walk away from the beach?
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[...Magic? Seriously?

Well. It is Wonderland.]

i dont think this place wants us to leave either so

idk i arrived pretty close to the mansion
do you
need someone to like
go out there and find you
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ok but like
we have these closets
give us anything we need. mostly. usually
if i need winter stuff bam i got it
so like
if you need something like that
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[text] and then [action?]

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um hang on gimme a minute

[All right time to test this puppy out. He eyes his closet for a long moment before demanding shoes and a blanket. When he opens it, sure enough, there they are. Both seem to be boasting a, uh...Christmas-themed motif reminiscent of an ugly sweater, but they look warm so who gives a shit.

He pulls his jacket on as he makes his way downstairs, then gets a little lost trying to get to the front door because this place is big okay, but eventually he manages it.

Alex peers outside. Christ, it really is a winter wonderland out there. He shivers and zips up his flimsy little jacket, for all the good that does.

He considers calling out but thinks better of it. She said she'd be coming here soon. He'll just trust that.]
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Uh, here. No problem.

[He hands it over immediately because she is really shivering. For all his alleged confidence over the network, face-to-face interaction is still something of a gamble, especially when it's for something other than the comfortable area of bitter snark-to-snark combat. He closes the door behind her, because even he's beginning to shiver.]

Sorry about the, uh. [He gestures vaguely at the ugly lining of candy canes and bow-wrapped presents and teddy bears.] Couldn't get it to give me anything else.

[A tiny lie. More like he didn't even bother. He was in a hurry, okay?]
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[Alex scratches the back of his head somewhat sheepishly as he realizes the same thing. Despite all his care to not slip anything potentially fatal about himself, he doesn't exactly have a perfect track record when it comes to brand new people. He didn't even ask her the most basic of questions, god. And in Wonderland, who knows if she could've been some freak or something in disguise.]

Uh, no. No, you didn't.

[He pushes hands into his pockets and shrugs.]

You have one of those, right?

[Bad joke. Bad...bad joke.]
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Like, just like the yellow dress marries-a-furry Belle? [His memory of Disney films is really fuzzy, all right?] Huh. Guess that'll make it easier to remember.

[She kinda has that vague fairy-tale look to her, he won't lie. And like, okay, she's hot. That was apparent from the beginning.] I'm Alex.
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[Wait variation. Is she seriously. actually.

No. Nope. No. They are not getting into this now.

Ho-lee shit.]

Well, uh, place is pretty much open to the public. If you need a room I guess you just walk into the one you like if it's not taken. [He spreads his arms with a wry shrug.] Welcome to Wonderland.
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Hey, I'm new. I guess people just help each other out. [Which is not exactly Alex's first instinct in most situations. His first instinct tends toward shameless, unhelpful snark.]

No idea who's bringing us here. Everyone talks about Wonderland like it's, I dunno, alive?
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Uh, yeah. Yesterday. I think. [Time is not exactly the most reliable here. Alex scratches the back of his neck and shrugs.] You'd know better than me. My world's pretty, uh, pretty normal.

[For a certain given value of "normal," that is. Alex jabs a thumb over his shoulder.] There's rooms and stuff all over. I think you can just pick one.
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[Sure, he'll follow at a straggling pace with his hands shoved in his pockets. If anyone catches him helping this chick it might ruin the whole "snarky don't-give-a-damn" persona he's trying to cultivate here.]

Yep, any of 'em. There's a kitchen and and a library and stuff too. But as long as a room isn't taken, it's yours.
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[He doesn't know what else to do, so yeah, he just kinda keeps trailing after her with his hands in his pockets as he desperately tries to think of something interesting to say.

He snorts lightly.]

My world? It's boring, man. U.S.A. and all that. Yours sounds a little more interesting.

[A tiny lie, since his world isn't exactly completely devoid of anything interesting. He'd just rather not think about that.]


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