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[Helena's dressed in leather (which seems to be a...Dark One fashion choice?), hair just as wild around her head but topped with a 2016 crown and wearing 2016 glasses when she appears on screen.]

According to the time keeping, it is a new year in Wonderland. But, to be honest...[She shrugs just a little.] Time does not matter here, so there is no real purpose. Still, I like to be hopeful. It is better than...being sad, gloomy gus.

[A large piece of chocolate cake appears in front of her and she takes a big bite, never minding her audience.]

So, I will ask you this question, all of you. [As she sprinkles more sugar on top of the frosting.]

What is is it called...'New Year's Resolution?'
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score an oscar
make sure everyone knows i made it big

[He sounds like he's joking but is he really.

no. he's not.]
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that's the ideal
i'll get back to you when it works
what's your story then
got any fun resolutions for the new new year
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that's a good resolution.

[Wow okay, somebody's got baggage. Alex doesn't entirely know how to address that.]

so whats your story
are you russian or something
i'm not a big history buff
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right right sure

[Watch him forget that information almost immediately. He's a busy man, got a long list of priorities here.]

you don't strike me as the type who'd make a lot of enemies

[I mean, he's not about to call her an absolute model citizen but the New Year's apparel lends her a...shall we say, unique look that doesn't particularly strike a threatening image.]
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well i can guess that you've got one hell of a fetish
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leather, lady
i get it if you like the stuff who doesn't
but that's just overkill