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dull afternoon text;

Film recommendations after 2001. Go.

PS.: Anyone seen Dr Meyers around? Bonus question: If that's a resounding no, how are we looking on actual medical personnel right now?
PPS.: Would prefer the old-fashioned science kind, but I guess I'll settle for wand waving if I've got to. No offence.

[ Anyone looking to catch Philip in Action will find him sitting in his usual library corner, doodling while he waits for inspiration on something better to do. ]
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star wars attack of the clones

[No one may know if he's making a terrible joke or if his taste in movies is just really that bad.

It's probably the latter.]
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it's pretty intelligent if you actually think, phil
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are you the kind of person that talks over movies and heckles them pointlessly in the theater
because that makes you
the worst kind of person
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out of curiosity is there anything out there that would stop you
asking for a friend of course
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adds a whole secondary meaning to "don't be a chicken"
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yeah yeah sure
why you asking anyway you planning a movie night or something
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only if you don't mind my radius of white noise

[Movies: best experienced with waves of terrifying static cutting through all the important plot twists.]
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uh well fun fact
i guess it's kind of a side effect of too many run ins with that particular beast

And that thing's not my friend.

[He's not even gonna joke about that. Fucksake, man.]
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buddy i wish
it's not like it's in the dsm or anything
if wonderland ever cooks me up a cure i'll be on it but until then i guess i'm doomed to be staticky
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like using the vendors or something you mean
cause i've put up with enough loss of important stuff as it is