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[video] what does a skeleton use to hold papers together? stapes

[The feed starts with a static shot of the corner of a bedroom. It's not a very interesting corner. Just two walls and a bit of floor, a floor that is strewn with socks. The communicator seems to have been set on a surface, probably a table, and left there. One would almost think this was some kind of accidental video until Sans speaks from off-camera.]

so this whole thing with the garden. pretty wild, right? talking plants, drunk plants, plants that, uh...seem to have absurd powers to reach across dimensions i guess?

[A freaking rose gave him something it should not have been physically possible to retrieve and it kind of blew his skull. Enough so that he wasn't looking where he was going.]

actually, the talking flowers part, i'm kinda used to that. [...] yeah. we have these echo flowers back home. they repeat back whatever you say.

[Don't worry, Flowey, you're safe.]

the bugs, though. heh. that's where things really get weird. if you see a bunch of bugs that look like little flying rocking horses? uh. make sure you've got sawdust on you, cause...

[Something flies into the frame. It's Sans! Except he's tiny. Like really tiny. Like, Sans is only like four feet tall on a good day, but right now he's about two inches tall. He's also looking like some kind of really weird combination of skeleton and dragonfly. Have you ever seen an exoskeleton try to be an endoskeleton? It doesn't work too well. Sans is sporting an extra pair of arms, mandibles and four, comparatively large dragonfly wings.]

let's just say those flies have a real nasty bite. heh heh heh.

[He flits back down out of sight, clearly landing somewhere below the field of vision.]

also, it turns out that flying is basically just exercise. yeesh.
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[Alex never uses video, but the way his head's pounding and his gut's roiling and he feels like he's about to toss all of his cookies - yeah, there's no way he has the dexterity to text.

So have fun interpreting whatever he says through intermittent sprays of static!

He's pinching his brow between thumb and forefinger, eyes screwed shut, glasses off.]

You - [kzzzzzkj] - you got off light.
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[Alex says something that's probably meant to be insulting, but the buzz of distortion cuts most of it out. Most of it, save for the last bit.] - can get fucked.

[If he looks badly hungover, it's because he feels hungover. He's been talking to the Larkspurs.]
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[Alex stares blearily at the camera for a long moment. You can practically see the ellipses.

Finally, decisively:]

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God. Yes.

[His brow creases. He's not a botanist, so he doesn't know what it's called.]

Some fuckin'...purple...things.

[Being hungover, even if it's simulated, obviously does wonders for his verbosity.]
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Ugh. Yep. Yeah.

[He groans, both in pain and in unending frustrating, emitting another random burst of static over the video screen.]

That's exactly what they did.
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[Alex groans again. He has to explain this while feeling like his head is splitting apart and his insides are going to forcibly expunge themselves from his body via his esophagus.

He is really, really sorry he pissed off those flowers.]

That's - always been there. I don't, uhhhh [He just does not have the energy to lie or make up a story, so he just waves one his hands unenthusiastically.] 'S a long story.
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[It is weird, and it makes Alex go cross-eyed for a second.]

Yyyyyyeah. Can't turn it off. Sorry.

[So, in essence: fuck these flowers. Yes. His head drops to his chest as he mumbles, barely coherently:]

I hate this event.
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You'n me both, pal.

[He actually straightens up a little, squinting through the pain to pay a little more attention.]

That shit was private. And Wonderland has to drag it all here, like - like -

[The potential simile he was going to make escapes him. He just makes a disgusted sound and flaps a hand.]
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Th'fuck were those things?

[He definitely did not need to see Brian again. Especially since the last time he saw Brian, he was dead or unconscious on the floor of an abandoned hospital as Alex dragged his body through the dust and asbestos.

Repressed memories, hurrah.]

'Cause they weren't - weren't real. Just kinda...kinda like a...alternate...thingy. [Real knack for technical jargon, this one.]
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didn't happen to have one of those did you

[oohhhhhhhhhh shit guess who apparently was here before and then left.]
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video; let's just ignore that font fail shall we

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[He's way too hung over for this shit, man. Hung over without any of the fun of the drinking and partying the night before which is just, you know, not fair.]

Exciting stuff. I don't remember seeing the guy in - in my thing in any goddamn archives, though.
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[Kiiiiind of a weird sentiment. He squints.]

What? I mean, I'm kind of not in the best shape for mental gymnastics here, but what?
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[Alex blinks.

Squints harder.

Blinks again.

Then he gives up with a shake of his head.]

Yeah, you lost me. If I didn't feel like I just got run over, man, I dunno.

[He'd probably push for more information. But right now his head is killing him. Hopefully not literally, but maybe literally? Who knows.]

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