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video // 1

Well howdy, all you beautiful people! Lil' Gideon here, just tryin' to figure out what the gosh darn heck is goin' on! [ his lower lip wibbles a little, and he looks somewhat downtrotten. ] Y'see, I was just mindin' my own business, sleepin'...when all the sudden, I wake up here! Outside! Can you even believe it?!

But...I can't say I recognize this place at all, no I certainly do not. Any sweet creature want to let me in on where we are?

[ the innocence is palpable. It's almost over the top. But he does look a little perturbed. ]
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text forever

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what the gosh darn heckle freckle is that accent sir

[And this is coming from a fellow southerner, even.]
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look pal i'm from alabama
like ok i get it
but your giving the rest of us a bad name

what happened to your 'do anyway, did it get stuck in a cotton candy machine or something

[Like a pro, Alex is hitting every button he can possibly imagine would be a touchy subject.

He doesn't have a lot of friends.]
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[It's okay Alex has the worst judgment he literally recently tried to murder a child]

ok cause just saying you sound like your from texas or something, buddypal

[He's gonna keep calling him "pal" and "buddy" and all variations thereupon now that he knows it might bug him. Because he's petty.]

your like 10 what are you gonna do to me

[Says the man who was killed by a 12-year-old.]
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lil gideon
gotta say i expected something with a little more punch to it
"lil gideon" doesn't exactly inspire a wave of terror, bro
brosmosis jones

[Gideon would be forgiven for thinking literally all Alex does is troll people on the network. Because that's basically what he does to unwind.]
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sure thing indiana brones
talk to you later bromigo
edgar allen bbbbbbbro