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➶ three (video)

-land's influence on you. [ Good morning from the tired and faintly exasperated countenance of Robyn, who hastily replaces a wayward braid behind her ear before actually attending to the broadcast. She smiles wearily, clearing her throat before addressing the mansion. ]

Hello, Wonderland. In case we've yet to meet, my name is Robyn Cousland of the Gr- [ She cuts off momentarily to glance away, frowning, and speaks to someone or something off-camera. ] Stop. Sit.

[ There's a low whine, but she returns to the device with a satisfied, short sigh. ]

When I arrived, I... found, if it can be called that, a mabari - a Ferelden hound - in the wardrobe of my room. He isn't nearly as well-behaved as my own, unfortunately; he seems much younger, though I've just been thinking it might be because of the way that this place seems to affect us all. Though, luckily, we haven't all been taking little things from other people and hiding them away.


Which... brings me to my point, which is that the dog has apparently been taking things that don't belong to him. Some of them have names written in them, some books, but most of these things have been difficult to return. I know for a fact that he confiscated possessions of an Emily Bennett, Evelyn O'Connell, and Cullen Rutherford. Also... [ At this, the Warden sifts through the pile as she speaks: ] Several boots, gloves, and gauntlets, mostly leather. A... necklace, I think, made of bone, a clay flower pot, some kind of- [ Maker's breath. She looks momentarily pained and spots of pink rise into the apples of her cheeks. ] Something... called Busty Asian Beauties, and several other things I've yet to identify.

[ The picture on the cover of that particular piece of reading material is overwhelmingly embarrassing and she hastens to end the broadcast. ]

Andraste's grace. Please stop by room thirty on the first floor if you've been missing something, or just tell me what you've lost and I will return it once I've made some sense of this mess.
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[Son of a bitch.

He doesn't bother with a response. He just heads right to room thirty and raps on the door, arms crossed over his chest. He should've known those missing tapes weren't just him losing it.]
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[Someone evidently pissed in Alex's cereal this morning - he's grouchier than usual as he enters, reserving a glare for the canine culprit.]

Your mutt's a complete klepto. Took my tapes.
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Like tapes.

[Real helpful, Alex. It only occurs to him as an afterthought that she might not be familiar with video camera technology. He stops dead, sighs, and tries to rephrase.]

Kind of square-ish? Black, rectangular?

[He gestures vaguely with both hands.]
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[He grabs them as soon as she offers them and immediately regrets it.]

...they're sticky.

Why are they sticky.
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[Oh, so it was a slobbery dog on top of it. Great. Good. This is a perfect start to a perfect day.]

Fantastic. Yeah, these'll run like a dream now.

[That's what you get for shooting analog, Kralie. A speck of dust gets in those tapes and they stop working.]

Ugh. God. Fine, long as he wasn't humping them on the down-low.
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Shoot stuff.

[Oh. Right, let's tighten up that terminology so it sounds less murderous.]

Uh, I mean - [He mimes taking a picture.] They're for cameras. Video cameras.
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[Alex looks at Oren awkwardly. Doesn't look a thing like Rocky, which is for the best. He doesn't want to remember Rocky. Fuck, he likes dogs. Or liked them, until he started finding strung-up corpses of them in his backyard.]

Yeah, uh, it's - it's cool, 'long as he doesn't - try that again, or anything.

[He doesn't touch the dog. Can't bring himself to.]
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[Which is about the most inane thing he could say, but he's not here to pet a dog that reminds him of Rocky but definitely shouldn't because he doesn't look like Rocky at all.

Stupid and sentimental. He should know better.]

I'll see ya.

[Better keep this brief. He doesn't want to get caught wandering the halls by a certain knife-wielding child, and the dog is - it's reminding of things better left unremembered.]
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It's fine. [It's not fine.] They were blank anyway.

[At least the dog didn't get his mitts on something that had important footage on it. He makes for the door.]