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[There's some fumbling with the camera then, the usual motion blur that can be associated with a newcomer exploring unfamiliar technology.]

Right, so that's the camera there. And the microphone is... Oh, well that's a bit on the nose isn't it? I suppose that would make it easier for the lay user.

[A bit more shifting then, until he sets his device on a flat surface. The image is a small, softbodied man with a pointed intensity in his eyes. He speaks softly, in a thick Scottish brogue.]

H-hello -- to whomever might be listening. I apologize for this interruption, but I'm searching for someone in particular. I have reason to believe that Jemma Simmons has been staying among you. If you know her, it's imperative that I make contact with her. My name is Leo Fitz -- I followed her here.

[He doesn't mention SHIELD or their duties, though. The agency is such a touchy issue in the public eye, it might be a condemnation to draw unnecessary attention to it. There was no telling what kind of people lived here.]

Oh, I hope languages won't be an issue. Though I suppose it should be fine if we utilize this text function...

[His stare shifts pensively from the display to the camera and back again. His instinct is to pull apart this hardware and improve upon the flaws, but that would be entirely counterproductive to his means.]
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wait so you
showed up here

wow dude that's fucked up
have fun in wonderhell
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this isn't a fucking alien planet dude
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it's wonderland
like the book
unless you don't have those in your wacky human culture
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what so i can't be sarcastic if i'm another species
wow rude
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and clearly your experience applies to everyone's experience right

[Alex is definitely being a little contrarian jerkwad just for the hell of it. It's what he does.]
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might wanna be clearer about that one scienceman
the people here can get awful offended real easy
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always stay alert
keep looking behind you
theres no way of knowing when it happens but when it does you'll know it
They Are Coming

[Sorry Fitz. Alex is being a little shit and loving it.]
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