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[Video | Near the start of the event]

[It's hard to trace exactly how Max got where she is now. Very early in the morning, in the cold dark, they'd heard some noise (distant, formless moaning) and gone to investigate. But they stopped somewhere on the first floor when they saw far in the distance some kind of... shapeless growth. When the air further down the corridor seemed thick with some sort of gas.

And when the distant moaning turned into rabid, strangled growls.]

[The video comes on to Max kneeling in a dark room, almost pitch black. The light of the device washes her face in a pale, cold light, enough to see her disheveled hair and panicked expression, and her eyes staring intently at the screen. Coming in and out of view behind her is Chloe noisily piling furniture, even an entire closet, against the door of the room. The beam from the flashlight in her hand shakes back and forth with her frantic motions.]

We... we ran into... something. [Max's voice is hushed and strained with urgency. There are gaps in her words as she struggles to catch her breath.] Some... Something chased us down here. On the first floor. I'm not sure exactly where we are... Can- can someone please help?

[Behind her a shadow shifts, and slowly peels itself away from the darkness. A man-like figure stumbles quietly into view behind the girl, taking halting steps that one by one become faster and faster.]


[A low, coughing growl erupts from the form behind her as he- it- jerks forward the last few feet. Max's eyes widen and she turns, attempting to stand at the same time. The figure's face is lit momentarily by the device - jaw slack, skin cracked and bleeding, unfocused eyes staring outward. The runner grabs her, lifting her off the ground in its strange, urgent motions, mouth wide as it brings its face closer to her shoulder. The device clatters to the ground, near the feet of the zombie, looking upward at the struggling figures through a cracked screen.

Max flails, kicking out in attempt to force the thing away, but it slams her onto the ground next to the device. The zombie's face fills the screen as Max screams.]
No! Chloe!

[Chloe is busy barricading the door when she hears Max's screams. The sound scares her, beyond anything that they've seen tonight. She turns to see her best friend on the ground, fighting off someone. Chloe's not even sure if it's human. It has the shape of a man, but the way it moves, the way it tries to claw at Max makes it seem so... animal-like. It is fighting to keep Max pinned on the ground but from where Chloe is standing, it seems as if darkness is consuming her best friend, slowly enveloping her, making it difficult to see Max's face.]


[Chloe darts towards Max, taking out the revolver from her pocket as she goes. She kicks the dark mass on top of her best friend but it refuses to move. She doesn't dare shoot it while it's on top of Max for fear of hitting her best friend.

So Chloe launches herself at the dark mass, putting all her weight into it. She manages the get it off of Max but this time it turns its attention towards her, crawling forward.

Max backs away, pushing herself along the ground with her feet and hands as she scoops up the device, unaware that it continues filming the scene in front of her.

The gun still in her hands, Chloe aims at the approaching dark shape and fires. The bullet goes straight through its head but no blood comes out. It simply falls.

Breathing heavily, Chloe walks towards the unmoving figure on the ground. It is human... or at least it used to be. It--his eyes are still open, the white eyeballs tinged with dried blood. The mouth is also open but deformed, as if the jaw had snapped.

Chloe doesn't believe her eyes. She's seen something like this before but only in movies. She never thought she'd see one in real life.]

You have got to be shitting me.

[She turns to Max, the device still pointing in her direction.]

Zombie. It's a fucking zombie, Max.

[Max doesn't even respond to that. The two girls simply stare at each other until the video times out.]

[[OOC: Replies will be from Max or Chloe, or both. Posting this 12:00mn EST because we're just so excited! :O]]
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[Alex has already holed up in his room. He's run duct tape along the cracks between the floor and the door, barricaded the windows to the best of his ability, but it's not perfect and he knows he's going to need to find a more secure hideaway, especially if this virus is airborne. His paranoia had to pay off sooner or later.

He recognizes both the voices on the video feed that pops up, and only hesitates a moment before typing a quick reply.

Then he mutes his phone. These might be the type of zombies that are attracted to loud noises.]

get as much food as you can and hide away somewhere
these things are all over
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events here last a few days at least you'll need something to get you throug h it

keep quiet if you can i heard some of htem clicking
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[personal profile] rosswood 2016-04-16 07:11 am (UTC)(link)
almost got mauled locked myself in
pretty sure i'm not bit or anything but fuck if i know how the rules are for these things

are you
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i dont know i dont
i checked wijth a friend of mine he says these arent from his i don't know whose
just hang tight
hpefully well get answers soon
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if it helps i still have that gun i was gonna get rid of
guess its good i still got it

if you need help i can



...bad idea.]

might be safer if id dont
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well give me a ring if youneed it

if i get bit or anything i'll let you know
rather die quick than turn into one of those things

[Even if it means blowing his own brains out.]
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you too
keep safe
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locked myself in a room and set up a feed
i'll know if anyone comes for me
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well these fuckers probably can't swim
or if they can they'llbe stuck on the sea floor or whatever

i'll get by. used to living off bits and pieces remember
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chara's there.

['Nuff said. Not a safe space anymore, in his mind.]
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yeah. really weird.

i'll keep an eye out
wouldn't trust that at face value
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guess so.
be redundant to tell you stay away wouldn't it

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