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third galaxy [video]

[When the video comes on, Shepard is outright laughing in absolute joy. She also doesn't look like she's anywhere familiar to anyone. The wall behind her is solid, and it looks like there's a seating space behind her, and it's... moving? The whole camera seems to be shaking a bit and there's a pervasive hum throughout, but she just looks more jazzed than anyone has ever been. She's muttering at first, but picks up when she's sure it's on.]

Alright, finally got signal--
So! When they said treasure, I was kinda expecting gold or literal gems, but this is way better. Check this out.

[The rumbling comes to a stop and Shepard climbs out, and slowly, the whole picture comes into view. Shepard stands in front of it, proudly.]

This is the M35 Mako. A fully armed battle tank. I haven't had access to one of these in a long time. [She's back to laughing while she talks.] I have no idea why this was down there.

Anyway-- comms are down, so I'm leaving this message here. I'm going back in with this. Anyone needs evac, let me know. I can cover a lot more ground with this thing.

... And hey, when this is all over, I'll be more than happy to show everyone how to make it do a kickflip.

[ooc: feel free to send action starters to this thread if you'd like your character to be picked up! you can also respond to it late after the event has ended if your character is just interested in the Mako in general.]
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action, may 9th

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[Alex has been trekking through the tunnels since yesterday, trying to make his way back out of here, but the issue is that he didn't mark his way when he started out on his stupid quest, or whatever. He would have, but he got jumped by a half-dozen whatchamacallits...Hellspawn, or whatever, and from there he's been spending most of his time running, shooting, or stopping to catch his breath.

So when a fucking tank rolls out of goddamn nowhere, Alex scrambles back in utter dismay, groping for his laser rifle with his mouth wide open.]

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[Where did she get a tank. How come she gets a tank and he all he gets is some fancy shmancy necklace that may or may not be useless? Alex blinks a few times, clears his throat, and tries valiantly to regain his cool - a doomed effort, as he never had any to begin with.]

Uhhhhhhh... [And that was an exceedingly unmanful voice crack. Excellent.]

Y - um, yep. All good. All good over here.

[Look at him, he's great.]
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You kidding me? I've been walking for like a day. I'll take the ride, thanks.

[He laughs, high and aching with relief. His legs are sore from walking and his stomach is clenching in the way that suggests he hasn't eaten in something like twenty-four hours. Not fun, but whatever, he can handle it. But the idea that he might get a ride outta here is a complete and utter relief.]

Far as I know, I'm clean. People are getting infected now?

[Alex wrinkles his nose. Didn't they already do zombies? Yeesh.]
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[He's in his twenties, but close enough. Everyone keeps calling him "kid". Probably because he keeps cracking "your mom" and "my dick" jokes. And sending people rickrolls. He's from the early 2000s, okay? It was weird time for everyone.]

Signal's kinda spotty down here. But, uh, yeah I still feel like me, so.

[He shrugs, and scrambles in. Of course he's taking shotgun. The laser rifle is a bit awkward to get inside, but he manages to lay it lengthwise over his lap. No way in hell he's putting that down with the shit he's seen down here.]

Alex. Wait, uh, don't tell me. I know this one. ['Cause he's heard her voice before, he knows that much. He snaps his fingers triumphantly.] You're that badass chick with the armor, right? The one who was all shooting down zombies left and right last time?
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I, uh.

[Right, he forgot he regaled her with that little tale. His nervous chuckle segues into a bark of laughter. Raccoon Santa. Goddamn. Not a thing he or anyone else is gonna forget once he informs them. Rocket might hate him for it. He doesn't care.]

Nah. I'm not, uh - I'm not one to pick a fight.

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Look, I've died twice here already. Guy's gotta look after himself.

[Shouldn't've admitted that straight-up but whoops, looks like it's out there now already. Well, whatever. Shepard's pretty cool, as far as he can tell. Definitely someone he's gonna want in his corner.

He digs his fancy necklace out of his pocket and regards it dubiously.]

This...thingy. Not sure what it is. And, uh...

[He scans his surroundings, eyes narrowed. Aaaaand, yep. That dumb-ass rock has somehow ended up on the dashboard, or a tank's equivalent of one. He indicates it with a jerk of his thumb.]

Ugh. And that.
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Yeah, a rock with eyes and a...a Thing.

[He eyes the amulet one last time before stuffing it back in his pocket with a sigh. Whatever. It does something, and that's what matters. A trophy to take home, or whatever.]

Well, yeah. That's why I got this.

[He jiggles the rifle in his lap.]

Comes in handy, even if it's real damn loud.
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I'd have to ask the raccoon who gave it to me. But, uh, he was kinda under an event-whammy at the time. I'm not sure he'd let me keep it if he knew I still had it.

[Just...carefully avoiding her eyes as he sort of obliquely admits to maybe not obtaining this rifle under entirely coherent terms. Or, okay, he obtained it in a perfectly legit fashion. It's the keeping it that might be a problem.]

Guns aren't really my area.

[He laughs, a short little nervous huff. Gee, Kralie, ya think?]
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That'd be pretty great, I won't lie. Those zombie-things last event? Turns out they were attracted to sound.

[Which made wielding an extremely loud laser weapon kind of a self-destructive measure of keeping them off his back. Whoda thunk.]

In the case something like that happens again, I'd like to, uh...not be caught at a disadvantage.
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["Eventually"? She was in full armor in that video. What part of full armor is subtle?]

Yeah, uh, technically speaking? I got no fucking clue how it works. It's some kinda future-looking thing. Shoots lasers, and doesn't need reloading, but - loud as hell.
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[Alex glances at her in surprise and - well, admiration, a little. This chick is pretty cool.]

Well, hell, I'll take it. Thanks.

[Between this and the free ride back to the surface, he's really starting to like this lady.]

You're pretty, uh - you're pretty neat.

[Alex Kralie, master of compliments.]
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Wellllll my only marketable skills are "filmmaking" and "sarcasm," so.

[He's definitely learned that he's useless in any fight that involves one-on-one hand-to-hand brawling. So, there's that mildly valuable lie skill out. Which is grand.

Really, his only viable defense mechanism at this point is to be obtuse and self-aggrandizing and play it off as charm.]
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Why? What was your childhood dream?

[He makes little sunshiney jazz-hands for good measure, with a twisted half-smirk to match hers. Maybe a weird thing to ask someone he's technically just met, but hey, she seems pretty cool. Besides, he needs...he needs to know people who won't want to kill and/or would have no problem killing him or watching him die.]