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So, hey, Jack here.

[The video shows the man with the mismatched eyes framed neatly in a large room. It looks more like an office than a bedroom, but the wall behind him seems to be almost entirely taken up by a large window that overlooks Wonderland. He's sitting in an overly large yellow chair, looking into the camera of his device with his fingers laced together and propped under his chin.]

In light of recent weirdness, I was curious about something: So do any of you scrubs actually keep in touch regularly with your doppelgänger? Like, the usual morning 'Sup' scrolled on the mirror and the evening, 'How was your wonder-tastic day?' type dealio? 'Cause honestly? Mine's loonier than a Scav on Mercenary day after he's had a few, [He mimes knocking back a few drinks with his hand.] and that's saying something in comparison to the people I've met on Elpis.

I mean, the guy can just watch me do whatever I do through any mirrored surface and that's just normal? Any of you feel a little self conscious when you're jacking off or something? Maybe there's a deranged dead ringer on the other side watching you get your rocks off. It's weird, right? Point is, wow, am I the only one interested in this?
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tried talking to mine once but he's an ass
so i just keep my mirror broken all the time
keeps him from seeing through it
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it comes back after an hour or two but so far i don't think anyone's devised an automatic mirror-breaking robot hand or something so it's the best we got

hey it's not my fault i'm a walking emp
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i'll contact the wonderland engineer's associate league, see what they have to say
i ran into some trouble back home
guess it left its mark
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its come in handy once or twice
it gets kind of annoying when your setting up video feeds though
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so like a phone but better basically
think you could build one
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[personal profile] rosswood 2016-06-18 02:32 pm (UTC)(link)
i mean
you could???
it's not like i've got money to pay you here cause no one does
but i could owe you a favor or something
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can't say I got much in the way of stuff to hand over
closets take care of everything
but I appreciate it and I'll owe ya