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( video ) ; 2nd quake | open

[ooc: backdated to July 2nd, approximately 9 AM. There will be a log post in the logs community to follow this one.]

In the country where I was raised, the days right before or on July fourth are busy with parties, cookouts, and blowing up shit that makes pretty colors.

[That's ... one way to describe fireworks. She's being funny.]

Anyway. That's not really what I'm talking about -- but I am talking about parties and birthdays. I was born on July second, nineteen eighty-eight, and the year it was when I was last in my universe was twenty sixteen. Don't do the math on that and just assume it means I'm old.

[She knows twenty eight isn't actually old, but ya know, sometimes it feels like it. She's putting more humor into this.]

But it wasn't July yet there, so I was still technically a year younger than I am now, which means I guess I'm celebrating that birthday here.

Sooo .... this evening around 6:30, I'm gonna set up some tables of food by the pool and have a slightly low-key pool party, and anyone is welcome to come join.
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Old? Seriously?

[Come on, kid, what are you talking about?]

There's a way to make someone feel ancient.
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At least wait until the big 4 0 with that.

[He's teasing, his age doesn't really bother him overly. Probably largely because he really doesn't look it.]

What's the plan for your party, grandma?
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Recently turned forty-four, but I guess my lifestyle keeps me young.

[Let's hear it for prison, crime and risking your life.]

I'd bring you a present, but everything here is free anyway.
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I did the bulk of my ageing before I went anywhere near the timelines, just so you don't accuse me of cheating. [He's had a long and very varied career that is largely not of the kind he can put on a CV.]

Good. You're welcome then, I'm very thoughtful. I'm not big on swimming, but I'll drop by.

[He smirks and shifts a little, changing which leg he's putting more weight on while leaning against the wall.]

An honour. Aren't you lucky?
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[He can appreciate being overdramatic. His voice is doing that for him just about always. So of course he smirks.]

So now we know who's guest of honour... You expecting a big crowd?