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I don't suppose anyone's given any more thought to what happened before we were all forced to trick or treat.

[No, not the gravity thing. Zelena doesn't care about that aside from being annoyed that it happened to begin with.]

Unless you've all managed to deal with it quietly, but I've been here long enough to know that when something big happens, it's far from quiet. So then, the way I see it, either you're all still looking for that supposed spy and made absolutely no progress.

[She's sticking to voice, but the amusement in her tone probably makes it clear that she finds that hilarious.]

Or you've simply given up, and decided to ignore it. Can't say that would surprise me either, though it's a bit disappointing. Here I was hoping you'd all provide some sort of entertainment by accusing and turning on each other. But no, I suppose that's really just too much to ask, isn't it?
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Care to fill me in on what exactly went down before trick or treating?

[All he's heard about so far were giants and zombies. This seems like it'd deserve more focus. Even if her attitude about it could come from a Saturday morning cartoon villain.]

Cause I came in a little late on that one and what you're talking about sounds a damn sight more important and exciting.
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I've been told to cover them and something about people from the mirror world, but that was all kinda vague.

[That's fine, he's not generally the altruistic type either. But he can ask nicely for good information, so here he goes.]

Something happened with that?
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Not really sure I'm that psyched to meet another version of me.

[He's not really sure what would be his reverse and he's really not that curious to find out. Most of all, he's not really looking to be spied on.]

Help them with what exactly? All I know is that they exist, do they have any nefarious goals?
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Kinda suspecting that if I asked what the Queen wanted, we'd be back at square one.

[He's trying to catch on quickly here. What do rulers usually want? More to rule. Seems obvious, but apparently they don't know for sure.]

But if we're thinking someone is working for them, then I'm guessing we know what they've done that would help them?
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I tend to keep a cool head, but I get what you mean. Definitely seems suspicious, if she has a temper.

Difficult to follow up on though, if that's all we have to go on.

[Not that he isn't naturally suspicious anyway, so she has him convinced in that respect.]

I'm Leonard Snart, by the way.
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Can't say I have that much experience with royalty.

[Actually, not that he comes to think of it...]

Although the ones I do know sprout wings and attack when angry, so maybe it lines up with what you say even so.
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[No, definitely not talking about the same thing, however, he can follow. Or try to.]

A little work. Scientist?
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[He watches with interest, but not shock. Mainly because:]

I don't know. I knew two who could, but I'll admit it's not that common.

So, are we talking magic in your case?
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Actually, no. I've seen things that seemed impossible though and now I'm in Wonderland, so magic seems like the next step.

[That and he just has a good pokerface.]

Can you do something other than fire? Sorry, I'm ignorant on magic.
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No need. Just natural curiosity.

[He inclines his head, leaning forward. Because that?]

That just makes me more curious. Not enjoyable, huh?
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Can't say I've ever tried it, but it doesn't sound like it'd be my style.

[So, transformation? Something like that.]

I thought the classic was turning people into frogs. Or is that prejudice?
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I hear they are good at weather forecasts.

[So, short, hairy and useful? Time to venture a guess.]


[Not much of a leap there, but, yes, the Oz association helps.]
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[Right. That's just a bit too coincidental.]

I have to shave enough looking like this, so I'd not enjoy it much either.

Where are you from?


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