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[ When the video feed goes live, it focuses in on a man some may have seen skulking around the mansion over the past month or so, wearing a long black coat and a baseball cap that helpfully ("helpfully") obscures some of his face. There's a long stretch of silence at first as he shifts uncomfortably. And then, he reaches up and pulls off his cap, running a hand through his hair. Some residents who have been in the mansion for at least a few months may recognize him from a previous feed, though something seems . . . different. Off.

He clears his throat before he speaks.

I didn't properly introduce myself before. [ A beat. His eyes flick away from the camera for a brief second before he fixes his attention back on it directly. ] My name is Harrison Wells.

[ At that, Harrison reaches into his pocket and pulls out a pair of glasses, sliding them on before crossing his arms. A soft huff escapes his lips. He'd been over what he was going to say already, and the words were still hard to find. Speeches about tech to an audience that ate up every last syllable were easy; a brief statement about himself was another beast entirely. His words are clipped, like he's choosing them very, very carefully. ]

My doppelgänger was here for a brief period of time as well, though it appears he's left. Before anyone asks, no. I'm not his mirror. He was not mine. In our— [ There's a slight pause as he grapples with how exactly to describe it. ] —shared world, we're from parallel universes. So. [ Harrison gestures vaguely at that with one hand. ] I'm not him. He wasn't me.

[ He shifts again, glancing off to the side. Was there anything else to add? To say, really? A million things, maybe. But all the same— ]

That's all.
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Doc, you lack flair.

[Clearly a serious concern.]
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Doubtful, but unrelated.

Has anyone ever told you that you've charisma?
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But are you here to bore people?
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But there are so much more fun ways to create problems for people.
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Just saying, you'd have more potential to reach people if you bored them less.

Whatever. Have we actually met, doc? Back in Central. Too many of you running around.
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Doubtful. These days I'm not even sure I know myself.

[Not much of an answer, but answer enough even so.]

I'll take that as a no. Are you the good twin or the evil one?
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Evil twins? Myth, really? I thought it was just a soap opera plot.

[That's more validity than people usually lend his sarcastic comments.]

But it would be a matter of perspective, wouldn't it?
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private video

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[And ever so subtly, Len switches this conversation to private.]

What does your perspective say?

The puppy squad seem relieved.
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[Oh, he's observant. He picks up on hints and he's talked to people. Talked to all but this Wells, really. It's been easy enough to figure out that they were uneasy. Now why? That's a different matter.]

I know that Barry was holding back and thinking before he talked.

So who was he, that other you?

[His eyes narrow a little as he leans forward.] How bad?
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[Well done. Excellent even. But Len is a good card player and he can call someone's hand or at least give it a good try.

It helps that he has the ability to make an educated guess here.]

So he's gone back home as well?
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So, you came in to replace him, just because we always need one of you around?

Seems vital.

[He eyes him for a moment or two, then tilts his head to the side.]

Did we ever meet, doc? You and I?
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I meant back in Central. That Wells, evil twin one, he's gone, you entered the picture. Am I getting this right?

[It doesn't make sense entirely just yet, but he's used to roll with the punches.]

Sorry about that, doc, you missed out.
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I would, but whenever I mention timelines around him he gets twitchy.


[Which is saying something, which is indeed saying some things he's read into already.]

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