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fourth galaxy [video/action prompt]

[When the video turns on, it seems pre-preemptive and not from the usual angle Shepard's seen at- instead of being on her arm, it's actually projecting directly from the device, streaming sideways from her nightstand. Shepard can be seen coming in and out of frame, seeming to be putting a few things in a duffel bag. It looks like she could be cleaning, if her hands weren't shaking and she wasn't muttering to herself something that's not being picked up on the recording. It doesn't take her long to notice the device is on, and rolls her eyes as she picks it up, addressing the network but still looking more serious than her usual playful demeanor shows off.]

Sorry about that. Damn thing isn't working right. Though, good timing, because I was gonna ask something anyway.

[She shifts, trying to look more nonchalant. It doesn't come off perfectly to anyone who's paying attention.]

Anyone know any good places to relax in this place? Still a little messed up from that last event. Wonderland really knows how to throw us for a loop. Looking to chill for a bit. Let me know. Might not check this thing a lot in the next couple days to try and get my mind off things.

[She will, of course, be ignoring all suggestions, because what's really happening here is a thinly veiled panic attack, and she'll be running off to her battle tank. Aside from responding to the main prompt, anyone who might know where she is can feel free to find her holed up in the Mako. It'll either be parked behind the Greenhouse, or, on one occasion, driven down to the beach so Shepard can sit on top, looking out to the ocean.

She's fine. Really!]
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You're not doing well.
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Do you need
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[And then he stops.

He knows what this is. He knows what he's looking at. He knows what he's looking at because he's looked at it before and felt it before and she's the one that gripped him and grounded him when he got wrenched back here and felt horribly, gut-wrenchingly sick with himself.

This is panic. And she's doing jack squat to hide it.]
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[So. Assess the situation, Kralie. Decide what you can influence. Determine the risks and costs and benefits. Torque it.

He torques it.

He remembers a tank. Small cramped space, not something one might favor if one is claustrophobic. But perhaps what one might favor if one needs to feel safe, in control.]
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I'm coming.

[Why. Why is he coming to her aid. Why does he plan on showing up. Some sense of obligation? Solidarity between those that understand what it is to cope with a rifting, shearing panic, the abyss-like nature of your mind when it yields to exterior influence and turns the world into grayish smears?

Perhaps out of debt.

He owes her.

So from one fuck-up to another, he starts to look.]
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action DONE

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[A tank is not a difficult thing to miss. He scours the area, he locates it.

He approaches, and he knocks.]

Shepard. It's...Alex.
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[He appears unbothered at her staunch determination in ignoring his messages. Honestly, he's done and would do and will probably do the same. He looks at her with a flat "don't-bullshit-me" lift of his eyebrows.]

You're having a difficult time.

[It's not a question. More of an observation.

He recognizes this.]
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[Small spaces are...not optimal. No. He's had too many undesirable encounters in said spaces, but speaking like this is also uncomfortable on a great deal of levels. On the interpersonal, intrapersonal, and just plain personal levels.]

Yeah. That's fine.

[He huffs out a noise that might've communicated itself as dryly amused, if he weren't completely wrung dry of amusement.]

Don't tell me you've forgotten. I've been there.
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[It's considerate of her. He acknowledges that. He appreciates it, rather. He's not sure what else to do. He enters, sits beside her, settles in and waits in silence before glancing at her, brief and sidelong.]

What changed?

[He's never seen her this close to an edge before. Or if she ever was before, she did a much better job of locking it down than she is now.]
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[He swallows hard, glances away. Finds it difficult to look at her. The scenario she relates aligns far too closely with the kind he has come to fear since arriving here, even more so as of his impromptu return.]

I've been here for...months. [He finally speaks, his tone flat and even.] There are people who - I've made mistakes. I've been left with no choice. And if the people I failed come here, I'll...

[He has no resolution to the sentence. He lets it die prematurely.]

But it hasn't happened. [He breathes out, long and slow.] It might not ever happen. And I can prepare all I want for that, but it won't matter. If it does come, nothing I do will actually prepare me for it.

[This pep talk, he's realizing rapidly, is far from reassuring. He doesn't know how to alter the trajectory.]

You shouldn't have to live with this.
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[...ah. He stills, his gaze and his hands no longer quite as restive, his posture unnaturally still. He tries not to think of Amy, the nervous flash of teeth as she'd smiled at him and he'd smiled reassuringly back, and the quiet murmur of why did you bring me down here? before the crack and discharge and he does not think about it.

He does not think about what might happen if she shows up, and knows what it is he - had to do.]

I can imagine, [he says slowly, throat working for a few moments as though having difficulty finding the words,] how that would be a problem.

The only thing I know how to do. [He closes his eyes, mouth tightening.] I can't - say anything you probably haven't already told yourself. Torturing yourself over hypotheticals is the quickest way to make things...unnecessarily difficult.
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There's not usually an easy way out of this. But we have - there's a limited -

[God, can you not be utterly clinical while describing this? While talking about this? Do something worthwhile with yourself, Kralie. Do something...meaningful.

Be something other than what you are.]

Did trying not to panic and sitting in the kitchen - did that make me an asshole? It's not something you can exactly help. It's not something anyone can help.
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Responsibility sucks.

[For a moment he feels more like himself than he's felt years. In years. The flat cadence of the words, the whipcrack-sharpness with which they peeled out of his throat - all calling cards of someone significantly more with it, significantly less broken.

He jerks himself out of his own nostalgic fantasy. This isn't about him.]

There's no tactful way to panic. There's no strategy to any of this. We don't know who's going to show up and when.

When you've been through this kind of shit, you just - [He cups a hand briefly, trying to adequately enumerate whatever it is he wants to say, and failing to find the words to do so.] - you do what you can with what you have. That's all any of us can do.
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It will. Everything does. Just takes a while.

[He says with calculated weariness, as if he knows - as if it doesn't take years upon years of painstakingly hunting down everyone affected by the thing he sought to exterminate. As if even those years flashing by, fast and irregular, had any effect on how much better or worse he felt.

As if he actually spoke from a place of experience.]

I don't know everything you've lived through. But you've...lived through a lot. Yeah? It's one more thing on top of everything else. But it's not - everything else.
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[Huh, yeah. He looks away, curt and lateral, unable or unwilling to look in her direction for fear that he might meet her eyes.]

We gotta take things as they come. By day. By hour. By minute, if we have to. If we don't, if we look too far ahead, try to plan for any of this - this shit, then we lose our goddamn minds.

Just - just get past the next minute. And then the next one.


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