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( audio )

[ Audio clicks on to the shuffle of papers and a considering hum before Rafe speaks. His voice is mild. Sincere. Level in the way one can only sound when one is way too used to having things work out the way he wants them to, no matter how long it takes or how much it costs. ]

Well. Isn't this interesting.

[ When some people say interesting, you can tell they mean something entirely different. A professor reading over a test that clearly hadn't been studied for as he reaches for a red pen; a girl at a bar at the hearing how you just never have enough time to work on your novel; a cop flipping over your registration to find it's expired. It's one of those catch-all words but when Rafe says it? Nah. He just means interesting. ]

I always appreciate being prepared, and gotta say. This pamphlet? Good stuff, clean design, very to the point. Credit where it's due.

[ Arriving like a babe in the woods isn't really Rafe's scene. After all, a wide variety of factors have suddenly been yanked out of his control; the few he has remaining to him become all the more important to take advantage of. So although he's still learning the lay of the land, he's doing so after availing himself of a room, a shower, a fresh shirt, and this handy dandy pamphlet. ]

Although... You know, not to brag or anything but I'm a guy with a couple of talents. Architecture, for one. Anybody else checking this place out? I mean, here I am walking around those gardens and one minute I'm thinking 18th-century French, fantastically preserved, then there's some Gothic elements peeking round a corner— Jesus! Lloyd Wright, right there. [ You'd think the guy was watching a match at Wimbledon, and politely un-invested in who the winner turns out to be. ] Phenomenal fenestration, when it decides to stick to something longer than a minute. I suppose I'll have to get up higher for some bearings on this whole thing. Might even be a little fun with the right equipment.
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Are you always this pretentious a prick.

[That's rich coming from Alex "loop of unhappiness" Kralie over here.]
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I don't think the mansion cares about your raging hard-on for architecture.

I think it just took whatever structural elements would make Escher jealous and put them through a meat grinder.
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If you try to apply reason to this place it ends up biting you in the ass.
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I'm sorry, I'd made the assumption that you were able to draw the connection between two similar ideas without my needing to hold your hand. Apparently I was mistaken. Shall I use smaller words, or should I create a graph? A map, maybe, since you seem to enjoy geography.

This isn't the real world. This is Wonderland. It doesn't give a shit about your architectural pursuits. It's doubtful it arranged itself like this intentionally. It's also likely that its entire layout will change in very short order.

Was that clear enough?