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  • This is an IC EVENT with mod plot attached to it. Therefore, all characters will remember the fourth wall event and any characters who pass through.

  • Are 4th walls not your thing? Not a problem--just leave a note on your post saying you don’t want to participate in the 4th wall part of the event. If someone has such a note on their post, characters from outside of the game are NOT allowed to comment. For these characters, it will just be as though the Mansion suddenly had a LOT more people for the party.

  • Make sure you pass along this post when you do your enabling! TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS; DRAG THEM HERE KICKING AND SCREAMING.

  • Regular AC rules apply! You can ABSOLUTELY use fourth wall threads to count towards your characters' AC, even if they're with characters who aren't normally in the game. However, if you choose to bring in additional characters for the fourth wall your activity with them will not be applied towards your AC for the characters you do have, so plan accordingly if you need to. (So if you have character A in eway, but spend the whole event playing character B who isn't in the game, you can't turn around and say "BUT I WAS HERE!!" at AC time because you didn't keep the character you already have active!)


  • Only members of the game will have posting access, but anyone is welcome to comment anywhere, unless the person who made the post has a opt-out note saying otherwise. Characters will have temporary network devices for this purpose, but the ability to post has been removed from them.

  • Similarly, please do not tag your characters on posts or logs (the "fandom: character name" tags). These tags are meant as organizational tools for current players (and mods) to group their posts together and it will get very confusing very fast.

  • ALL characters are welcome. This includes, but is not limited to: doubles, AUs, CR AUs (meaning characters who remember being in games other than Entranceway), original characters, and pretty much whatever else you can think of. Characters who were once in Wonderland may remember as much or as little of their previous stay as they want to.

  • The Queen of Hearts will not be making new mirrors for every single character by default the way she does for in-game characters, but you're more than welcome to bring old mirrors back for the week, or create a Mirror and claim they used to be here at some point more than ten years ago (but less than 150, please and thank you).

  • Miss us but don't have the drive to RP anymore? We're having a Eway reunion friending meme as well!


  • PLAY NICE. This is rule number one and will always be rule number one. There's going to be a lot of people passing through here over the next week-ish, and ooc harassment of any kind will NOT BE TOLERATED. We're all here to play together, reminisce, solve puzzles, enable our friends into this weird little game, and have a good time celebrating Eway's ten-year anniversary. Don't be jerks. No one is required to tag anyone they don't want to tag.

  • You're welcome to participate in the mod plot as much or as little as you'd like, even if your character is not in the game! Puzzles are for everyone, and we have a post set up for people to collaborate on puzzle-solving oocly! Puzzle clues will regenerate so that multiple groups of characters can find them and so as many people can play as possible. But if puzzles aren't your jam then there are MORE than enough parties for your characters to hang out in.

  • Characters will be able to be on either Mirror Side or Real Side! The glass will be removed and Mirror Characters and Real Things will be able to be on the same side of Wonderland without forcing a swap.

  • This event will last from September 1st to the 10th, and because this is a special anniversary event, the fourth wall aspect will last the entire event. One of the best things about running this game has always been the community aspect of it, so we wanted the entire event to be a fourth wall where old players could come back to us and new players could check us out for the first time. After the 10th, all characters not currently in the game will vanish EXCEPT for characters whose applications are approved.


  • Applications will be closed during the event, to make our lives a little easier. You're welcome to submit applications, but they will not be processed until the 10th, which is a Saturday, instead of the usual Sunday!

  • Also, because the event ends so close to when applications are processed, characters whose applications are approved on the 10th will be able to remember the fourth wall event. This ONLY applies to characters who would be appable under normal circumstances, and thus does NOT include doubles, CR AUs, or original characters.

  • Functionally, this means any character whose application is approved on the 10th will be able to remain in Wonderland at the end of the event, and their network device will be upgraded to allow for posting access. ONLY characters who pass their application will be able to stay. This is ONLY the case for the apps processed on the 10th - characters who are applied for after the 10th will not remember the fourth wall event and will have left Wonderland at the end of the event.

  • If you are applying for a character you used to have in entranceway and you have them remember Wonderland for the fourth wall event, they may keep their Wonderland memories. This is a special one-time offer for applications that will be processed on the 10th. After the 10th, any old characters applied for will not remember their stay in Wonderland.

  • If your application is not approved on the 10th because it was rejected or required rewrites, your character will need to have gone home and will NOT remember Wonderland or the fourth wall event. This is in the interest of making sure the event wraps in a timely manner, and to make sure that no characters are left in limbo while waiting for applications to be processed.

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What about fandom AUs - rule 63, good/evil and such?