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04 ❆ the possibility that she was the evil twin had never crossed her mind

[Arya looks very serious as she addresses the network today. She's still on the brink of fury, unable to shake off what had happened with Frisk.]

How many others of you had their Mirror try to murder them while the parties were going on? They have the advantage here, they know far more about us than we do them -- how do you even prepare to fight someone like that?

[She's about to switch off, then something else occurs to her and her face hardens.]

If you see my Mirror, promise me you'll kill them.
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Haven't met my mirror yet, so I couldn't tell you.

[But he has met Arya, fought with her and it's kind of hard to imagine anyone supposed to be her opposite being all that dangerous.]

But there's a reason I always break the mirrors around me. How do I recognise yours?
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Is that how it works?

[He thinks for a moment, looking at her through the communicator and finally leaning forward a little.]

I've seen you fight. You sure your opposite would pose any threat?
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Sure. Though in my experience they can sport different hairstyles and clothes.

[Maybe in an effort to differentiate themselves, for all he knows. He's not exactly thought to ask the ones he met.]

Good thinking. I just can't imagine any opposite of you being any good at fighting.
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You have a code?

[He can respect that. So does he.]
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I hear mine's nice enough. Bit bland.

[However, that doesn't really mean he disagrees.]

It's the queen, ain't it? They all gotta follow her.
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Can't say I've come across too many before. But you would have, wouldn't you?

[How does one even begin to ask about something like this? Different times, different worlds.]

Not a fan of royalty, I take it.
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Testing the limits of my imagination, eh?

Care to share or is it unspeakable too?
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You gonna kill the bastard?

[He's met her, it seems like the appropriate question to ask.]

What happened to her? Your sister.