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1st compass; video


[ Guess who's on the network and newly arrived to Wonderland? This kid, who isn't looking so good. He's in the dining room of the mansion, and just his head is visible--he's leaning as far back as the chair will let him, and he squints at the network as if personally offended by each and every person on there that isn't where he is now. When he speaks, it's easy to tell he has a bit of a lisp and is missing his front teeth. He's also going to be sick, from the looks of it. For someone who's brand new he's remarkably calm--it'll all hit him later. ]

The dining room can get you anything you want. Anything. You just gotta say it. [ Which isn't news to people but it's an absolute marvel for him. He groans, pained, and sinks lower into his chair.]

Oof, I--I think I overdid it.

[ And with a thwunk, he falls. There's another groan, an audible 'shit!' and the visual being broadcast to Wonderland is no longer of Dustin, but of an incredibly full table with nothing but junk food--including, but not limited to: fruit roll ups, a plethora of Hostess cakes, Poptarts, Bugles, and even something called burple. The next phrase comes from the floor, a small hand reaching up to start to hoist himself back up and onto the chair. ]

I don't feel good.
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You're a real winner, kid.

[Also not in actual danger, so he's not too concerned here. However, there's something he does feel like commenting on. Or asking about, at least.]

What year is it where you're from?
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Just cause I recognised some of the snacks you just made yourself miserable with.

[1983, huh? That takes him back. He can't help but smile.]

Funny story, kid. We're about the same age. I was born 1972.
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Time's strange that way. Where I'm from, it's 2016.

[Well. Time travel.]

More or less.
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44, actually. But yeah, you ain't. Just me.

[ much to disappoint a little kid? Eh.]

No flying cars. But I do know two to three flying men.
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Men, yeah. The Atom and Firestorm.

[Sounds cool, doesn't it?

The coolness deteriorates when actually knowing them, but still.]

The Atom's actually here.