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video/action; who said that every wish would be heard and answered

[Based on the shot of the grass and the surrounding floral backdrop, it's clear that the feed has switched on in the garden. The phone itself is buried in the grass, tilted at such an angle that the back of Frisk's head is visible as they bend over a crackling piece of paper.

They've a very - singular look to them today, it seems, complete with an oversized blue jacket reminiscent of the one Sans might typically be seen wearing, the sleeves awkwardly bunched at the elbows where they've been rolled up. On their head is something thick and white and almost woolen - a hat that, on closer inspection, has soft horns and long goatlike ears knitted into it. A gift. Something they haven't worn a single time since Toriel's arrival. It had felt too much like an insult to do so.

But currently, they don't intend for anyone to see or hear this except Napstablook, whom they'd been hoping to impress with how much they'd worked on trying to learn the song the little ghost helpfully wrote out for them. The recording isn't private, however, as they must have intended it to be.

Frisk settles onto the grass, facing mostly away from the recording device. For a moment they pluck idly at the strings of the instrument they're holding, one that the musically-inclined might recognize as a ukulele, before they begin to play. They're clumsy and halting, starting and stopping periodically as they struggle to master the instrument. It is difficult, after all, to play with hands that are perpetually bandaged.

Soon, though, Frisk's wavering voice joins the thrumming of the strings. They are not an experienced singer, nor is their playing perfect. Occasionally they have to stop mid-lyric to adjust their fingering, or to play a part of the song over a bit more smoothly. But the music peels out into the crisp autumn air regardless.

Can you hear it?

For a few minutes after the song's conclusion, Frisk sits there on the hump of grass overlooking the garden, apparently contemplating the empty air in front of them.

Then the feed fades out.]
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[Instead of replying in any way over the communicator, Leonard walks over there. It's not that long after their song ends that he ends up sitting down, not that far from them.

He says nothing, although he sits mere feet away, watching them without any subtlety, if also no urgency. Just waiting. They can be silent together.]
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Seems that way.

[He glances at the phone and lifts his shoulders lightly, then leans back on his hands, his eyes still on them.]

Nice song. Any occasion?

[It's hard to gauge them much just by looking at them, at least when they're not literally cut and bleeding. That time, he'd known. Right now? He's still waiting with his judgement, so he's not offering up much, be it comfort or anything else.]
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Sounds like a good start.

[He glances down for a few moments, then shifts, pushing himself forward and lifting up one knee, so he can prop his chin on that instead, hands folding loosely around his leg.]

What's on your mind, kid?
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Yeah. Know that feel.

[Whether just in general or in regards to the school of magic, he's not specifying. Both is true, really.]

Good or bad?
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Last name, eh? Overrated.

[His is Snart, for crying out loud. But he gets it. As much as he can, at least, so that remark is clearly just a joke.]

It's like when people promise you that things will get better. Sad joke.
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They can't know. Ain't really their fault.

[Not that that helps. Leonard pulls his other leg up, ending up with his arms folded on his knees. He looks at the ground rather than at them.]

I spent the entire event wanting to be home. Really didn't need a refresher on what that felt like.
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Yeah, I don't really appreciate being given a role I never agreed to.

[Violation is a good word for it. Invasive. Not something that Len is even remotely comfortable with, for sure.]

Worse when it feels good, ain't it?
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People who cared, eh?

[There's really not much to say. Leonard looks at them and wishes there was a way to make this hurt less, but if there is? He doesn't know it.]

Being made to live a lie, only so it can get destroyed again. Hurts like a bitch.

[Nothing he'll say is going to help any, he can't take this back. So finally he just lifts his shoulders a little.]

You deserve better.

[Obviously. He is silent for a few moments longer and when he adds the last sentence, his voice is less affected than usual. A bit softer. More real.]

I care.
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[No, he's not really surprised at the intensity of her reaction. Roughly what he would have expected. However, that doesn't necessarily mean that he knows how to answer the question or even wants to answer it. Caring isn't something he easily admits to.]

We've things in common. But not that much.

[Age. Agenda. A lot of differences, either. Yet he looks at them and there is something. There is always that something.]

Rather you have the life you deserve than the life I had. That's why I care.
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[Of course. That again. It comes as no surprise, tinged in the same despair as always. There is no answer that will satisfy them and he's not about to draw his gun to aim it at their head, so he just tilts his head a little, exhaling.]

Not by my standards.

[There is a smile, even if it doesn't reach his eyes. Most things don't.]

And I never accepted anyone else's.
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these two are always a cw

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Sure you are.

[In spite of the wording, he doesn't sound sarcastic here. He agrees outright, but he also shifts one shoulder a little, the gesture close enough to a shrug.]

Doesn't mean I don't wish you well.

[For one thing, he considers himself a lot worse.]

We talked about it before, Frisk. If everything was so black and white, no one could be held accountable. Think you deserve a lighter grey.
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What does anyone?

[The world's so grey from where he's standing and some things are simple, but not simply explained.]

I think you deserve a break. You deserve less responsibility. You deserve something good that lasts. You don't deserve this mockery.

How's that?

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