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02 ☆ video | action

[ the feed shakes for a moment, before a sign comes into frame as cordelia's chipper forced-infomercial voice dictates: ]
Wonderland got you down?  Having a hard time coping with supernatural events that they definitely didn't have back home in Dullsville, USA, or whatever your dimensional zip code was before you got here?  

[ the card lowers to present cordelia's grinning face, where she sits in the offices of angel investigations, on the front desk cross legged. ]

Well, lucky for you, some of us are used to this kind of nonsense, and we're here to help you.  Whether you need protection or just someone to look into some kind of weirdness that you can't deal with alone, Angel Investigations can be the heroes you need.  Find us on the fourth floor, in room 10... especially after sundown.  

We help the helpless!  So help us help you.

[ she holds the sign back up and waves it a bit, before pushing it closer to the camera so that it zooms in on the logo one last time.

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request a vision from cordelia at any time to foreshadow plot events! ]
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[He has been squinting at it for a very long time. So, finally:]

What's that logo supposed to be?
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Yeah, I can read.

Whoever did that sure as hell can't draw.
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Eh, not my forte. Ask Maya Hart, she's an artist.
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Actually? If you did, that'd explain it.

If I squint, it looks like an old man. Kinda grumpy.
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Can't unsee it now, can you?
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I have a lot of appreciation, but I can tell you this would sell for a minimal price.
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So, you're guardian angels or there more to that name?
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You're telling me that there's a guy named Angel and having a logo of a grumpy man wouldn't at least be a little appropriate?
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I rest my case.

[One of the most ridiculous arguments ever: Won.]
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How old is ancient?
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I've had people give me that label and I'm not even halfway there.