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2nd compass; video

[ If you remember the kid who ate himself silly when he first arrived here, he's back on the video feed. This time, though, he's not near the dining room. Instead, the background is very clearly a bedroom that pretty much screams 1983, minus the sports paraphernalia.

Dustin busies himself with his hat, realizes the video is on and grins his usual toothless grin.

Hey! [ See, he can do this video thing. He even waves to prove it. ] If you guys don't remember me, it's Dustin. I have a question for everyone.

Apparently this place messes with timelines and stuff, so everyone's from different places and different years. How many people are from 1983?

[ And also, the real reason why he made this entire broadcast in the first place: ] Also, there's someone here from where I come from. Her name's Eleven and we call her El, she's my age and has a shaved head and looks like a boy, and she'll totally kick your ass if you make her mad, but she's awesome. You guys should definitely talk to her. If she sounds confused it's okay, she just doesn't know who you are. Tell her you know me and it'll be fine. She's saved my ass and the whole town. She's a hero.
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I'm from all over the place.

[Time-wise. Literally.

But that's not really what Dustin is asking - not that he knows it would be an option - so Leonard focuses on something else. He knows a few things about this kid, enough to make him curious.

Shaved head. Only so many reasons a girl that age would have that.]

Your friend sounds cool. How does she kick ass?
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Usually am. I'm a crook.

[There's a patented crooked smile that goes with that.]

Your friend sounds great. You gotta introduce me some time and how am I cheating?
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Nah, not total avoidance. But close enough, you're a sharp one.

[Sure, it's true. It's also deliberately unhelpful, so.]

You don't think I'm bad?
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Re: video

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Ain't nothing bad about being a nerd, long as you don't get annoying.

[He likes nerds. Some nerds, anyway.]

Oh yeah, kid. You say that around my crowd back home and I'd have to punch someone just to save face.
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Depends who's standing closer. Or if you got any helpful suggestions.

[Hey, he'll take some direction from this particular tiny nerd.]
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[If you met him, you'd understand.]

Now you share.
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Who would you punch?
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I can see why, you always got the good snacks.
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Instead I just offer them snacks?

You know, you might be onto something. Keep living that dream, kid.