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[When the feed clicks on, there is only a faint static sound with what sounds like the microphone being covered a couple times. From the turn of the sound, one can surmise the device is being moved in the hand of the person who turned on the feed.]

This crude device is quite deceptive. At first it looked like an antiquated smart phone of sort, but inspection shows a different story. I'm a bit more impressed to learn it connects to a network that everyone is on. A means of communication is interesting... I'm curious as to why it even exists actually. Maybe that question is intentionally open-ended?

[He huffs a quiet breath of laughter out, the number of possible answers already sprouting to mind.]

If I'm being honest, I never really liked Alice in Wonderland. I can acknowledge it's historical value, and it's why I read it, but Alice herself was... fake. Designed as the perfect image of childhood innocence. She went around this new world so new to her without fear, wondered by all around her. Any flaw with her was never designed, but created by those who read the story. The world, much like this one, was of far more interest.

...What do you think of Alice though? Was she foolish for being too trusting of Wonderland, or can she be absolved for her curious nature? I think the answer you would pick, even if you don't say it aloud, reveals what kind of person you are.

If you don't want to share your answer that's fine. However I am curious about what kind of people are here. A melting pot of universes isn't exactly commonplace. I do hope this place won't be as tedious as reading Alice's adventures.
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video; Book Club of Doom

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Clearly you didn't follow the instructions while reading.

Eat me. It's not a sober book.
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You were a young man and not tempted?


[Sticking with the book allusions.]

Then what's your poison now?
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Think your issue is calling yourself a young man at age eleven. Ain't nobody gonna give a square like that anything.

[Not that he's in favour of an eleven year old getting anything like that. honestly.]

Don't like to lose control? There's a free bar here. Everything's free here. Gets old quickly.
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[He was the successor to the Snart name, which is kind of a lousy deal when you're already named Leonard, but there you go.]

Kind of. Mostly it makes it very pointless to steal anything.
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See, you're even giving me a diagnosis for free.

[Are there things worth stealing? Depends on what aim he has with it.]

I'll just have to learn how to cope. What's your deal?
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See, that could mean just about anything, depending on what pleases you.

[And how he deals with the people who don't get used to it.]

Anyway. Wonderland's going to change things around on you, fair warning.
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What can I say? I'm a people person. [He doesn't realise that there might be any recognition. He doesn't recognise the man and his own time travelling days are - to his knowledge - in the past.]

Sure. Can't wait to see you turned to a child, that one's always fun.
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I'd hope so, else how'd anyone recognise you?

[Leonard Snart. So charming.]
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If I got caught, it wouldn't be me.