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Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things.

[The past weeks and months have been nothing but complicated for Cami, to say the least. She's found out a terrible truth in her future back home, and given her conversation with Freya upon the woman's return, it's safe to say there are probably a few more unwanted discoveries lurking out there, in the darkness. She's slept and she's dreamed, and maybe that's a terrible promise to come too. But right now, as the hours stretch on during the night of December 24th, Cami isn't looking to lose herself in the mire of all things that aren't fair, aren't simple, aren't right with the world.

She wants something better. Something simpler.

So she commandeers an empty room on one of the mansion's higher floors, just for the night. The decorations are sparse: some padded benches if people want to sit and think, all facing the front where there stands a table covered with rows and rows of red candles. A few are burning, most aren't. There's enough light to see in the room itself, but not so much that it overwhelms the glow of each individual flame.

When the feed starts, she's not facing the camera; instead, Cami stands in front of that table--in front of three candles, unlit in the center.]

"The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it."

It's a Bible verse written on the grave of someone very important to me back home. I was raised Catholic, although--[she laughs]--I'm pretty terrible at it. But I've always believed in light, and hope. In the goodness that can overcome.

Whatever's going on in our dreams is taking it's toll, and I doubt many people really feel like celebrating. But today and tomorrow do mean something, for a lot of people. For my family and I...

[Midnight mass. Listening to Kieran lead his congregation to celebrate a miracle. Voices singing in joy. The beauty of the service, and the candles glistening in the dark. Cami takes a moment to regain her thoughts, giving the phone a quick glance before continuing on.]

I've set up this room in case anyone wants a place to reflect tonight. It's on the ninth floor, room four. This isn't a religious service or anything like that. Just...somewhere where there can be peace.

[And tonight, she needs that, because the reality is? Cami's set up this place for herself. She swallows just to keep her expression calm, then reaches towards a jar at the end of the table with long, thin wooden matches inside. She picks one to light with the fire of a candle already burning before turning back to those three candles in the center. She touches the match to each one, sparking a flame before moving on to the next. Three candles, three lives.

Three deaths.

She doesn't say their names. She simply blows out the match when the task is done before turning off the video. She'll spend most of her night in that room, sitting on one of the benches regardless of whether anyone joins her, watching the lights, and listening to the silence.]
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I'm Jewish, technically. Never been any good at that either.

[He doesn't consider himself religious, but there's always that bit of something.

Especially given circumstances.]

I might stop by.
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text to action;

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We are coming up on eight nights of no sleep.

[It's all he texts before he does start heading all those stairs and finally makes his way into the room. He carries his gun with him, just in case and out of habit, but it's not powered up and he doesn't plan on using it. Coming unarmed would have been too much of a concession. The bruises on his face are still very prominent, black eye and more dark spots on every bit of skin that's visible. The rest is hidden.

He steps inside and lets the door fall shut behind himself, eyes drawn to the flames. He crosses his arms loosely, turning to her.]

Stand for something for you, the candles? Or just enhancing the atmosphere?
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Ah. Makes sense. [He considers whether wishing condolences is appropriate here, but since her answer was so very text book and they don't know each other, he just nods as he steps further into the room, looking down at the candles.]

There's something about fire, I guess. [Something that always has him on edge, but that's just what comes with being friends with Mick Rory, having seen him consumed by flames, literally or figuratively.] In almost all traditions.
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Sure. One of the things that separates men from animals, supposedly. There's a reason you got an equivalent to Lucifer just about everywhere. [Lightbringer, all that. Prometheus and all over the world.]

Something to it. [He smiles briefly, just thinking about lighting a candle. For himself? Bizarre.]
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Think I've seen him around, yeah. We've just been in Hell, it's all starting to lose the shock value. [What can still surprise them at this turn? He doesn't know. Hurt, on the other hand? His body aches with every move he makes. His heart, however much its existence has been denied, hurts worse.

He watches her as she points out the candles, nodding to each. Even the last one.]

Sorry. [Finally.] I'd light one, but I doubt you're supposed to if you killed a guy yourself and you're happy about it.
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Yeah. Thinking real hard on why I didn't kill him sooner.

[Certainly would have saved him some grief, saved his sister even more. Cowardice is unlike him and anything other than pragmatism over killing is as well, but obviously this one falls outside the norm.]

That's not the kind of talk you signed up for here. [He looks at the middle candle again, fingers running over the fabric of his jacket.] Want to talk about that? Dying?
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You sure read a lot into things. You like doing that? Getting a good read on people?

[She might not have told him that she's a therapist, but given he's apparently getting a free counselling it's not the hardest reach. He raises his eyebrows, deciding to be more amused than annoyed by it all.]

Could just be a nerf gun. [Certainly looks a lot like one.] I just got beat up, doesn't feel like the time to walk about unarmed, whatever the season. I ain't planning on using it.

[Although the room could use a bit of ice, in his personal opinion.]

Leonard Snart. Now that you know my name, are you continuing to analyse me or do I get to know your name too?
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Nothing for anyone else to worry about. It's personal. [He steps just a little bit closer, next to her now, if still keeping a healthy amount of distance. He needs his personal space.]

Don't know about fair, Cami. Seems like it'd be more fun to turn things around.

[He holds a hand over the middle candle, the one she's lit for herself. Just a few moments before he withdraws. He's not that into heat.]

You offering free counselling to people just out of the goodness of your heart or is it also a good way to keep from talking about yourself? Cause if you ever want to keep someone from asking questions, you just make them the topic. Everyone's at least a bit egocentric.
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Don't usually go looking for words, but thanks for the help anyway. [Not a big deal, but he's not just going to let what sounds a lot like condescension go by without at least a remark.]

I've killed a lot. [Since they were being honest, there wasn't really any reason to play coy with that.] But I was thinking about my father. Nothing original or unusual there.

So how did you die?
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Yeah, I know. It's because I'm really not as fast on the uptake as some people think. [And it's complicated, for something so simple. Get rid of the one hurting you. Not a difficult concept. One would think. He shakes his head and focuses on her instead.]

That'd make it even harder to come to terms with. You know nothing about it?
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Ain't what makes me smart.

[He moves his hands in a dismissive gesture, focusing on what she's saying instead. It's interesting, even more so because of what he has to deal with himself, but he pushes that aside for now, as much as that's possible.]

Guess that'd be bound to happen. But you still didn't want the details? Think that'd drive me insane.
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Suppose that makes sense. [In a way at least, although it's difficult to really imagine. If Ray had known about his death before he did, wouldn't he have made him talk? Given it's Ray, he'd probably have volunteered anyway.

But the situation seems to be a bit different here and moreover, they're not the same person.]

Are you still trying to control it?
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He broke my sister's heart. [Often and repeatedly and it had taken him entirely too long to finally-- But it's done and while he's not sure how much it has really freed him, it seems to have done it for Lisa, which is what matters. Especially ultimately.

Leonard lifts a shoulder in a slight shrug, not willing to move much more with how tender he still feels all over. He turns to look at the candles, reaching out with one hand to adjust one of them a little.]

Things rarely end neatly. Peacefully.

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