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( action | text ) here's to all the hearts that didn't make it home

[ it is (was?) the season to be jolly, and iris west-allen is a terrible gift-giver.

she could probably do worse if she made the effort, but that's not saying much. thankfully, she won't realize the full extent of how lacking her gift is in comparison to barry's. he is currently ushering her through a door, asking that she cover her eyes to keep the surprise intact. she can hear the boyish excitement in his voice, and as always, it's infectious. a flutter rises in her stomach as she waits.
] Open your eyes ... now!

[ and open her eyes she does.

barry is no longer anywhere to be found, and instead of a newly leased apartment, iris finds herself in wonderland again. at least the rabbit hole was thoughtful this time around: it's let her to the mansion steps. it's snowing. it wasn't snowing before when she — when she what?

a light shiver creeps up her spine as iris finds her way inside.

it takes several minutes, perhaps longer than that, for the full weight of her memories to return to her. they come back in pieces, and confusion soon gives way to apprehension. she's been here before. but that doesn't make sense, she was home and how could she possibly forget in the interim?

the click-clack of high heels signals her arrival, her eyes taking everything in. old memories coalesce with new ones, and she almost sways to the side at the impact. this isn't the wonderland she remembers. not exactly. and everything is so quiet, as if the whole world is sleeping. iris takes off her coat, the red velvet dress she wears underneath it suggesting she'd been having a celebration of her own. it's winter in wonderland: how much has she missed?

her steps quicken, iris now in full search mode. she won't stop until she sees a familiar face.


[ iris west is a reporter back in her home world, and it's a shame she has not taken advantage of the network as much as she should. tends to happen when you lose yourself digging up info within the network. ten years worth of it. her notes went missing the day she did, so she'll have to start from the ground up.

let us tell you, it won't be easy. but it's also not impossible.

to iris west, impossible is nothing.

once she is more or less settled in and let those closest to her know she has returned, she reaches out to the network.

I've got a few questions for you, Wonderland.

Specifically, I have questions for those of you who've been sent home and were brought back. Note: I won't turn down information even if this technically doesn't apply to you. I'll take everything you've got.

1. Were you able to remember anything about Wonderland while you were home?
2. How long were you gone Wonderland-wise, and were all your Wonderland memories intact when you returned?
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[Hello, he's bruised. Ignore that.]

I can tell you that you were gone too long.

Awful timing.
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A fist, mostly. You should see the rest of me.

[He doesn't seem too bothered, but it's not as if he's in a habit to show a lot of emotion.]

I take it you're from further ahead in time now? You still look good, in case you worried.
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No? Then I've no idea how to talk to you, I only know very shallow people.

[He leans back against the wall, sitting on his bed currently. The room's not very bright, only lit by a couple of candles. It makes the bruises stand out less, so there's that.]

Happy holidays.
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I'm peachy.

[Mostly he's sarcastic to a fault, but that's nothing new.]

Just had a run-in with someone who wanted to improve my colouring. Other than that, I don't know. The Flash was sad, I fed him special brownies.
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[There's a

L O O K.]

Their personality.
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What did I tell you about shallowness?

[He hesitates for a brief moment, considering various scenarios before talking again. Just a question.]

You busy?
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[The kitchen seems a bit risky, all things considered, so he provides an alternative.]

Meet me in my room?
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Come in.

[Leonard likes Iris, on the whole. He's always liked people that can match him, people who are strong and witty and who don't back down. Still, there's some disparity for someone who likes to not be understood and maybe that is why he resorts to being, as she says, impossible with her more often than he would anyway.

He's sitting on his bed, putting the book he's been reading aside as she comes in. On his desk are nine candles, one of them on top of a pile of books. It's not as if he's religious, but this year, under the circumstances, there'd been something about tradition. Other than that, his room hasn't changed much. His face has, obviously.]

I got apple pie. Want some?

[There is indeed a plate with pie on it, because Riley is adorably sweet and he gestures at it.]
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Don't need to. I get checked out all the time.

[He pulls his legs up and shifts over so there's more space on the bed, not inviting her with words, but it's pretty obvious anyway. Also, the pie is here, so that's unmistakable.]

Not the first beating I've gotten, don't look so concerned. It's been well earned.
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Trust me.

[There not really any doubt in him that he's earned the beating. Worse, likely, even more so with how the situation is playing out right now. Things had this habit of going as badly as they possibly could.]

So, what happened with you back home?
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We really need to get a poker game together some time. None of you good guys can bluff worth a damn.

[Might seem like an out of context statement, but he has a fairly good feeling that she knows exactly what he's referencing.]

Who brought you up to speed?
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[There's a pause, mostly as he considers Ray relaying information like that. He hopes he's done it in one of his less ditzy moments.

The question that's been on his mind for a long time and more pronounced since Mick's arrival is whether Lisa knows. Whether somebody has told his sister that he isn't coming back. There's no sense in asking Iris, he doubts she even cared much about him dying back there and it's not as if he'd fault that.]

See, that's how I know I won't get sent back just for a quick update, so you better drink up when I leave.
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I wasn't going for funny. I was going for vodka.

[He considers, then gestures with one hand.]

On the rocks.

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