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[001] video

[what's up it's just eleven chillin' in her cozy basement room. she's sitting on the couch in front of a coffee table where there are some d&d miniature figures and whatnot.]

I met people like me here. Are there more? [she turns her attention to the miniatures, and they levitate off the table, then go flying sideways into the wall.]

I want to meet more people like me. I thought I was alone.
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[He recognises her - Dustin's friend. He knows what Dustin has told him about her and so it doesn't actually shock him to see the figures floating.


He remembers that too.]

Think you'll find a couple people like that. You're definitely not alone.

We call it "metahuman" where I'm from.
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Doesn't really need a word, unless you want one.

[Certainly no need for her to make it a priority.]

You're Eleven, right? Dustin's friend.
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We get along.

He mentioned you. Seems like you're badass.

Another word for people like you. Great thing about that one, you wouldn't even need powers to fit it.
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No need to thank me, just stating facts.

[Hey, there's a lot worse words he could have taught her, he's fine with that.]

You found others like you yet?
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Lots of bad things to be said about this place, but if nothing else, I don't think you'll ever be alone.

[There's a hint of a smile there too.]

I'm glad, kid. A lot of badasses around.
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I got no fancy tricks, sorry. Don't know if I qualify as badass without that.